What Makes a good Branding Video?

branding video

Branding videos introduce your brand to your prospective customer through simple and crisp video messaging.  They help create a positive impression about your brand too. Surveys show that eight out of ten people purchase a product after seeing a branding video. More than 40% of internet users watch Facebook and YouTube videos in a week.

A good branding video benefits your business in the long run. Hence, you should research well before you decide to make one. There are different types of branding videos. 

Each video is made for a particular occasion or reason. This could be about brand awareness, product sales, content marketing, Public Relations, special occasions like festivals and other aspects of you or your business. Top brands like Apple, Google, TATA, Reliance and others give a lot of importance to these branding videos in this internet age. 

It takes only a few hours before a video can become viral on social media. Hence, branding videos are an important aspect of digital marketing, which can quickly spread the word about your brand or project the power of your brand.

What should a branding video include?

  • Your goal: The intent behind your business is essential to determine what goes into the video. This video could also be for your self-branding.
  • Your customer: After all, your branding video intends to create a loyal customer base. Hence, the messaging should be as per the audience targeted. Address pertinent questions, such as whether you’re talking to existing customers or prospective customers. There are many other important questions you would have to address.
  • Alignment with brand values: Every video you make should be consistent with your brand values.
  • Brand styling: Consistency is important to ensure that your customers recognise you anywhere. Every branding video you make should reflect this and hence, connect with your customer immediately.
  • Your brand watermark: It is important that your brand watermark appears across all your branding videos consistently. This will be subtly remembered by your existing or prospective customers.

Your branding video should also include

  • Your brand colours: Your branding colours make your brand stand out everywhere. Make sure you have them inserted in all of your videos.
  • Consistent messaging: You need to maintain consistent messaging in your branding videos, the way you do across other marketing channels, be it social media, website or offline.
  • Attractive video elements: Make sure you give your video catchy titles and high-quality thumbnails, which attract customers to watch your video. 
  • Tell a story: Stories attract and inspire people. They create an emotional connection.
  • Using authentic people: Using your customers or staff is a good branding strategy for authenticity.

Factor the above-mentioned points each time you make a branding video for branding yourself or your business. Hence, it’s important that your branding video goes through thorough research before it goes into production. 

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