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Namesake Productions was founded in 2012 with a mission to empower people, organisations, and leaders to be unstoppable in achieving their business goals. We do this by producing timeless video content.

We’re a solid team of dreamers, calculated risk-takers, marketers, and collaborators that help you elevate your brand. We exist to become the finest and most-respected video production company in the country.

Our purpose is to bring to life a vision that revolves around the art of storytelling. We are passionate about the whole process of filmmaking. And it’s this passion that drives us towards being the best production house.

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The types of videos we create.

There are various types of videos we’ve created. From Corporate Films to Testimonial Videos, Animation Videos to Explainer Videos, Logo Animation, Brand films to TV Ads, and a lot more. Whatever the type of video you’re looking for, please do connect with us to collaborate and explore. Who knows, our next marvel will be the video we create for you.

Namesake productions
  • Corporate Films

    Whether it's an investors’ meet or that much-dreaded IPO that you're looking forward to, there's nothing that can match a chic corporate film. It's a part of every scaling-up strategy.

  • Brand Videos

    Creating video content that customers would love to consume could be the most difficult thing to do. But more often than not, these videos pay off. Numbers tell but stories sell.

  • TV Ads / Ad Films

    Though the slot prices on TV channels have gone up, it's still considered a great medium to reach a wide range of audience. Ad Films have the unmatched power of influencing people.

  • Animation Videos

    A presentation, an explainer video, or just brand video, an animation film, 2D or 3D, fits the bill for most types of audio-video communication needs. Say more, with less.

A lot more goes behind

Our Process
at a glance.

  • Enquiry & Video Brief

    The first step to any creative project is having a great vision. And we trust you with that. Once you connect with us, our team will share a "Video Brief Form". Fill it up, and send it back for us. We'll then work on a customised Proposal for you.

  • Pre-production

    Once we sign a contract, our team will review your brief and create a logistical plan to implement it. We'll map out the process that comprises creating a storyboard, script, location recce, equipment, shooting days, et al., and put down a schedule to get moving.

  • Video Production

    Lights, Camera, Action; this is the fun part. If it's a live shoot film, we reach the venue as per schedule with state-of-the-art cameras, lights, audio equipment, drones, and more to capture all the shots we need to create a seamless story as mapped out in the pre-production stage.

  • Post-production

    It is where we shine. After getting the shots, we cut them up and bring them all together. It's magical when background score, motion graphics, animation, and live-video come together. In the end, we'll have a fantastic video that's ready to hit the market.

  • Launch & Marketing

    We will give you the final project. But every piece of content needs to be promoted to the right audience. Isn’t it? And that's where our group company – What's In a Name, a leading Branding & Digital Marketing Company, steps in. We'll help you promote the Video.

Group Company

We also own a Branding & Digital Marketing Agency.

whats in a name logo

We are What’s In a Name (WIN) - an integrated Branding & Digital Marketing Agency in Hyderabad, India. We’re a team of 28 passionate individuals that’s been working hard on creating internationally acclaimed award-winning communication.

Incepted in 2010, we're also Google Partners with specialisation in Search, Display, Shopping & Mobile Advertising. Our repertoire includes Services like Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Social Media Marketing (SMM) & Web Development.

Our purpose is to bring about a positive change in the way brands communicate with their audiences; thereby helping businesses WIN more customers.

To know more about our Integrated Branding & Digital Marketing Agency - What's In a Name, please click here.

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