5 things to consider before making a Facebook video

Thinking of creating some exciting Facebook video to grab the attention of your viewers while they scroll through their feed? Gaining more likes, views and recently, the reactions are highly important. Not only your content but you need to take several other factors to force the social butterflies to stop scrolling. Sounds tough? Don’t worry, it’s easy.

Successful Facebook video making requires a series of steps to be taken into consideration before its production stage. So what are you waiting for? Grab a pen and paper to note these small yet important tips for your next Facebook video.

AWEsome Beginning for your Facebook Video

Research says that apparently, you lose your audience within the first 30 seconds or less. Shocking? Right. So the question arises how you are going to engage them. The key is to entice your viewers within first few seconds. Maybe your video isn’t surprising but your presentation can be.

Catching the eyeballs in the opening seconds (first 4 seconds) will help you in gaining more views. A good joke might help as humour is always catchy. As long as you keep your audience from scrolling you’re good to go.

Go S.S. (Short and Sweet)

“Ah… another long video!” How many times we have done this and stopped watching a video just because of its length. Short videos with creative content are always welcome. There is so much content available on social media that your video can be ignored just because it’s long.

Imagine spending hours on a video but end up having less or new views at all. Heartbreaking isn’t it! Create a creative and compact video that delivers the right message within a given amount of time. 60-90 seconds is the ideal time limit to be followed for a video that is sure to let your target group wait and watch.

Hot Topic for a successful Facebook Video

The key ingredient to a great Facebook video involves a topic that garners more views. Food being the most preferred video category enjoys twice number of average interactions than the second theme on the list. Fashion and Beauty comes after food because a hungry stomach cannot make you look good. Followed by Animals, DIY and Humour the list for the best video category gets completed.

These are the top 5 reasons why creators enjoy more views than any other video maker that depends on a different theme. Education, Cars, Marketing, Real Estate and Finance/Stock comes at the bottom of the list as it gets least engagement.

Understand with Captions

Life doesn’t come with captions, but your videos can! We know what you are thinking, ‘why make captions even though your video is saturated with mind blowing aesthetics?’ Captions do help you gain more views. Yes, it’s true! How else would you explain watching a video while in a meeting, family function or even during a class?

Captions facilitate easy video viewing without having to turn the sound on. This increases the chances of watching a video that can be easily played in a quiet environment. For this Facebook provides an easy tool to add captions to your Page’s video. Generate captions or add your custom ones, either ways will add more views to your video.

All about Thumbnails

Millions of times we have seen a video just because its thumbnail was really attractive. It can be your favourite celebrity, a dish that you love or a pet that resembles your dog. We end up watching the whole video only to find out that it is nowhere related to it. Of course, your content is important, but convincing your target viewers to click and watch your video happens because of your thumbnail. Or as it is popularly called – “Click Bait”

It is a good way to actually get more people to click and watch your Facebook video. As when a dish that is presented properly has more chances of being eaten first, similarly with a good thumbnail there are more chances of people clicking on your video. Let it stand out from the available options with an interesting and engaging thumbnail.

Check your list as you have the full recipe for a great Facebook video. Follow these basic steps and create a viral content that matters. Keep these tips in mind before another Facebook video making. Don’t forget to tag us!

4 video production essentials for an FAQ video

For any business connecting with your customers is the key. If you are somehow able to do it, then congratulations you are on the right track. FAQ’s are a great way to do so. They not only help you build strong ties but also help in generating content that is highly desirable to consumers.  FAQ video carry content that can be easily shared and helps in gaining customer support widely. It feels more like a personal response from the company’s end and reflects a caring behavior of the company to their potential customers.

To gain all the above-mentioned benefits the first step is to create an FAQ video that yields results beneficial to the company. These can be highly effective when the process of the video production is carried the right way.

Improper sound=Flop video

Ever seen a video where the sound is the key but isn’t audible. We always switch videos with bad sound quality immediately. While presenting some valuable information to your customers make sure that improper sound does not spoil the quality of your work. Proper placement of microphones ensures that your video has a voice and the viewers will not miss out on anything.


Your camera needs assistance with Video Production

Camera assistants provide more hands to your production team. In order to carry out a video production, a team has to function to achieve it. Avoid delays in shoots by adding camera assistants to your team as it will be costlier as you postpone it. The process of video production runs smoothly by a group and make sure you complete it fully.

Focus should be precise

Successful transmission of your message is possible only when it is clear and the subject is clearly focused upon. Make your background clear of any noise and disturbance in terms of visibility and sound. Your purpose will only be clear once you get to connect with your audience. A quiet and tidy space always enhances the video quality.

Light it out

Grabbing someone’s attention in a dark place is difficult. Record your videos in appropriate lightning conditions for a better visual quality. Your ideas, concept and script all are in vain if bad visuals lead to lack of interest amongst the viewers. You can upp the game of video production by using both natural and man-made lights.

However, there are many more aspects to pay attention to while recording an FAQ video. Your script needs to be strong enough to hold the people’s attention. Do not forget to introduce yourself at the beginning of the video and let your viewers know who they will be listening to for few minutes.

This will help in establishing a sense of credibility among your consumers and they would freely comment if they have any further question. FAQ videos carry facts that people want to know about. As it highlights the caring side of your company it helps in portraying a positive image to your consumers.

Corporate Video Marketing trends to look out for in 2018

In 2017 alone, 68% of all Internet traffic had been driven by video content. The surge in video marketing shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. A corporate video is already considered to be above all other forms of online communication. It is predicted that this rising trend will not only continue but will grab up to 85% of all internet traffic by the end of this year. With advancements being made by the minute, this year we can expect even more creative and engaging ways to capture video content.

Don’t be left behind, keep up with the movement. Here are four corporate video trends to look out for this year.

Live streaming

Live streaming has now been made accessible to nearly every marketer with streaming apps such as Facebook Live and Wirecast. It is a great way to connect with the audience while showing a more human side of the brand either by showcasing some behind the scenes footage or an exclusive interview. With live streaming, a sense of urgency is created as the video would be presented in real time for a limited duration. This urges viewers and potential customers to tune in to the live video before they miss their chance.

Explainer videos

Explainer videos are essentially videos that depict the working or function of products and services. They can simplify information about your company’s process. Website users are four times more likely to watch a video than read an article about the same information.

Explainer videos help websites rank higher on Google, and this is because most platforms consider video content to be the most informative and exciting form of material online. Explainer videos have a high conversion rate, turning most viewers into customers. Corporate filmmakers often use animation in explainer videos to keep their viewers engaged with creative and fun visuals.

Virutal realilty

Few companies have tried their hand at VR with great success that followed. However, it is important to note that virtual reality is still considered uncharted territory that requires large marketing budgets. VR creates a rich and immersive interactive experience with the participant. With 360-degree videos being all the rage, VR allows the viewer to be dropped into the environment projected and engaged with the product or brand as a Real Experience!

VR helps with customer buying decisions; this is because the viewer is made to participate in the topic of choice actively. Corporate video production teams, however, find VR to be a problematic approach to reach viewers not only due to the requirement of larger budgets but also because of the obtrusive issue of making the viewer wear the VR glasses.

Corporate video paid and sponsored

Videos across platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and much more are an excellent opportunity to boost conversions. By launching paid advertising campaigns, you can achieve higher visibility of your content and is a unique platform for testing. They can help you test your content to see what people are responding to, which would further help to improve your content and organic search.

With the ability to reach out to broader audience corporate filmmakers often opt for sponsored and paid campaigns, which are a less expensive approach when compared to conventional paid promotion techniques. How a sponsored video or story will look across different platforms may vary, but the concept will remain the same.

2017 has seen more videos created per second than ever before. Videos have already taken over the world of corporate marketing. Make sure to keep up with the trends of Corporate Video Marketing and stay ahead of the race. 2018 has so much in store, and we can’t wait to see it unravel.

Video Production Company: Practical Expertise and Artsy Idealism

First and foremost, a video production company must produce great content. Second, it should be able to promote a product optimally. As a matter of fact, reaching out to the audience is most important. Actually, a video is a brilliant way to introduce your brand to the world.

We list a few reasons that make Namesake Productions a cut above the rest:


Primarily, the previous work experience of a production company speaks volumes about it. Moreover, it is important that a corporate video production company boast a diverse range of clients. As a result, this demonstrates their ability to understand and adapt to the needs of various industries. Namesake makes promotional videos for many businesses. Infact, their clients range from Elevate furnishings to Narayana Hospitals. In addition, Namesake has worked with Mercedes, Bottles and Chimney, The Tie Summit and Bajaj Electronics.

 A Wide Range of Services

Moreover, Namesake offers video production services that run the whole gamut. For example, they make everything from brand videos to vlogs. Moreover, their wide range of services speaks of their ability to accommodate to consumer need. In addition, corporate filmmaking and advertisements are also some of Namesake’s video production services.

 The Home Company What’s In A Name

As they say, the apple does not fall far from the tree. WIN is a successful digital marketing agency. But it is also the parent brand of Namesake Productions. Thereby, this video production company has the benefit of catchy marketing in its genes. Additionally, WIN is reputed for its integrity. Hence, clients can trust and hold Namesake to the same standards.

 Proven Results and Experience

As a matter of fact, the best corporate video production company is one which produces results. In addition to the client list, Namesake also has the facts and figures to forward itself. Moreover, Namesake has many clients under the same canopy. As a result, this makes it experienced in that particular field of video production. For example, Namesake has more than one client under the Home Decor genre. Also, Namesake is an award-winning video production company. They won an award for Best Video in the Public Interest/Social Category. Besides, Namesake has 6 years of experience!

Video Production Company Creative Team

Most importantly, Namesake has a cohesive team of bright minds. Infact, the people behind the video production company fall under various sections. This is just like the crew of a movie. Besides, this video production company is driven by the ‘’art of storytelling’’. Consequently, your video is well made and attractive.

Web Video: An Art, A Skill, A Recipe For Success

They say life is in movement. In the world of static articles and regular websites, motion picture, which we call video, can work wonders. Additionally, having a web video is an excellent marketing strategy. It engages people and it enhances search results. In my opinion, both of these together spell a recipe for success.

We list 5 killer reasons why your website could benefit from the power of web video:


Better Search Engine Optimisation

First of all, having an online video, especially an engaging one, gets eyeballs. Second, when people spend time looking at a video on your website, Google takes into account engagement time and optimises its search results in your favour. Third, having a Youtube web video exponentially increases your chances of getting popular on a public platform. Moreover, Youtube is a child company of Google. You do the Math!

Etching The Product In Audience Memory

As a matter of fact, when people watch a web video, they remember and recall the product being advertised because of the visual impact movie has. Moreover, remembering is a significant part of getting popular. It enhances site visits and click-through rates.

Communication And Trust

Online video is a powerful mode of communicating your brand’s vibe and sentiment. Thereby, it works wonders in reaching out to groups of people. Product video, or any web video for that matter is a work of art. Art, speaks to people. Therefore, it ignites emotion, strikes a cord and builds trust.

Web video for Mobile Users

All said and done, we seldom have time to go through lengthy passages while we are on our phones. Instead, we’d rather watch an interesting video that has managed to capture our attention. Creating a web video targets the mobile audience. Remember, there are a lot of people who don’t own a computer. On the other hand, almost everyone these days has a cell-phone.

Conversion Boosts and Better ROI

As a matter of fact, adding a web video ups conversions by a huge percentage. In addition, it increases sales. Before buying a product, most people like to watch tutorials. An online video advertising a product betters marketing and even ensures direct sale.

ROI is return on investment. Video production is not cheap or reasonable. However, it has proven worthwhile. Besides, it is the content of your website video that matters majorly. Therefore, you needn’t overspend on one.

Please visit Namesake Productions to know more about web videos


Corporate Video Making: Tone It Up!

An understanding of colour grading is imperative to video making. Additionally, the skill assumes more importance for corporate video as it renders a sense of professionalism. Simply put, colour grading is the art of transforming the tone of a video. As a result, colour grading for corporate movie decides the mood of the videopiece. Hence, it is essential in conveying the company’s message.

We show you how to use colour grading in the corporate video and corporate movie world.

First and foremost, stick to one room and one monitor. Don’t switch between devices as this can cause confusion in video production. Infact, there are a few colourists who sit in completely darkened rooms during Post. However, the least one should do is bear in mind that all colour work should be done in the same room. This eliminates the visual confusion of contrasting lighting systems.

First of all, it is important to understand that any kind of professional videography is inspired by cinema. Therefore, corporate movie making follows in the footsteps of cinematic movie making. While shooting a corporate video, make sure you use a contrast of hues. This method brings out the liveliness of film.

Next, it is vital to review your palette. Invest in a colour grading app for your corporate movie. The app or plugin shows you the outcome of your selected shade card.

It is useful to know that footage comes in three forms: Raw, Log or Flat Profile. Additionally, it is your footage that decides how much of the original elements and details are retained. Also, each type of footage comes with its own set of pros and cons. Colour grading for corporate video should keep this balance in mind.

All things considered, most corporate movie projects need a highlighting tool. Most people use one called LUT. The role of the LUT is to collect all possible image and pixel data. Next, the program moves the video from one colour slot to another. As a result, the mood and sentiment of your corporate movie heavily depends on this aspect of colour grading.

All said and done, colour grading is distinct from colour correction. However, the former employs the latter. Therefore, using an automatic colour correcting tool such as Autocolour, is a good suggestion. First, let’s consider the surroundings. For example, imagine your corporate movie has its two main characters, with an object such as a car in the background. A colour correction tool can advise you to enhance the shade of the background object in a contrasting hue. As a result, the two people in front become prominent. Furthermore, this process will seal the mood of your corporate video. It decides if an image is ‘’cool’’ or ‘’warm’’. Hence, it can be used to convey an emotion that you desire.

Next, it is a truth known to everyone in video production. All skin colour, is the same colour. Atleast technically. Any difference you see in tone of skin, is actually a mistake during video production. As a matter of fact, a vecteroscope can greatly aid the uniformity of skin colouring. This maintains an FTL (Flesh Tone Line). Moreover, what helps the understanding of skin colour is a simple method where you magnify the image until the entire screen is skin.

Finally, you can use a skin overlay tool in your corporate movie, to enhance or remove any facial discolouration. For example, you can tackle wrinkling using this tool. On the other hand, sometimes the skin tone is not the colour of skin (orange spectrum). For example, when neon lights are on the face. In this case, skin colour should match the hue of the scene.

Ultimately, colour determines the type of communication you want your corporate video to have with your audience. Therefore, colour grading is both an art and a skill.

Visit Namesake Productions to know more about corporate videos

Things to Consider while Shooting a Testimonial Video

Today no-one really trusts you or what you have to say about your own company. However, people will trust other’s opinions about your company. For this reason, Testimonial videos are so powerful.

Right here is some detailed requires of your testimonial shoot

Scheduled a pre-shoot appointment

The very best investment of time you can make is to plan a pre-shoot meeting with the interviewee prior and take them through the process. One of the reasons this does not happen is cost. Often your client does not want to fund the additional time to prepare for the testimonial video but this is debatably the most crucial time investment on your complete project. You get to know your interviewee; you will get them comfortable with you and the filming process.

The complete take of testimonial video

Is your online video review simply a chat between some people on their sofas or desk or could it be a video that includes footage of your customer actually using your product or service? The budget will dictate how much effort you put into your video. But, it doesn’t require much effort to shoot the person actually doing something. One must make sure to nail down all of these points with your client in writing. However, don’t be so strong that you ignore a perfect output.


On the whole, the major intention of any video is to connect something to a person or the masses. This reason is applicable on personal bases too; one needs to learn how to connect terms, the points to make throughout the shoot to extract what is needed in the demonstration by the one who is before the camera and much more.

Soundbites of your shoot

The way one plans to manage to capture the soundbites of your Testimonial Shoot are also crucial. Because they vary from product to product and video to video.

Testimonial video review Presentation

Are you doing one testimonial video or do you plan on carrying out a series of them? Like resume references, it is really easy to get at least one person to say something good about you. The more voice to compliment, the better. If perhaps you are planning multiple testimonial videos you should try to structure the videos so there is also a repetition of key brand elements and there is also new information in each video. If you are planning a series of testimonial videos you should label them evidently so that individuals can select the videos that connect with their specific concern.

Artwork and the title composition

How do you start your video review? In the event that is a well-produced online video review has 35 seconds of introductory branding and text. People would not even make it through that intro. Getting to the message as soon as possible is a critical aspect. Using on-screen text in your video helps you to enhance a message but, never make it look like a corporate/promotional video.

Other support material

In the event that you are doing any form of a remodeling video review, include a ‘before’ shot and demonstrate what is the condition that was solved by your company/client. Because it’s always better to show rather than tell the viewer what the condition was.

Interview style

This definitely takes more planning and cooperation from your interviewee. I.e., to understand how different and appealing you can be in presenting it. But if you show up in an office and capture a chat head interview with your iPhone it’s going to appear like you showed up at an office and captured a chat head interview with your iPhone.

Considering all of these points will help you get started to frame and deliver a highly effective Testimonial Video.

Video production and things which are needed around it

In this day and age, everyone wants to hold a camera. We sure know that it takes more than just a piece of equipment to produce a video. here is a description of what is needed to put together a good Video Production Brief.


  • We surely need to know ‘whats’ of the video marketing on different levels such as.
  • What is the purpose of your video?
  • What are the key messages you want to communicate? consider this as the core importance of the video
  • What style are you looking for this video to be in? This varies from video to video or even the maker too.
  • What is your budget and deadline? This really helps the video making company and you to have a base picture of the kind of video you are expecting. If you need more info on this you can contact us *insert Contact ID here* so that we can give you an idea of how things work.


  • when it comes to video production, it is crucial for one to know how one is going to work around your video…
  • How will the video be distributed? Where and how your video is distributed will affect the style of the video. For ex: if you want to make a promo video for a product. The process of video production differs from platform to platform.
  • How big are you looking the video to be? Let’s admit it, not everyone is a pro and there is always something new being added to the video production services on a daily basis. That is what brings us to this question…one surely needs to know how big the video can grow, be made and who is good at all this. We at namesake productions cater all video production services ranging from corporate videos, promos, video marketing, and other video marketing services.


  • Since video marketing is, on the whole, to reach out to the people…
  • Where exactly is your video going? In other words, what does your target audience look like? This makes a major difference in the video production. Ex: A promo video is different from a documentary.
  • Where does your specialty lay? In that particular video production, what special are you trying to add in? it can be a logo or a color scheme or a special sound track etc,
  • Where does your inspiration come from? This is one of the major reasons why people today fail to present quality work in any video production service because they lack proper inspiration. one way to gain more inspiration is to feed oneself with what is happening in the market on a daily basis.
The conclusion is that your ‘Whats, Hows & Wheres’ needs to be precise in order to be successful in building a proper Video Production Brief!…

360 video, is it really worth all the hype?

Today, video marketing is one of the biggest platforms in the world of Marketing. 360 video making is on a swing in the market of Video production services. But, are they really worth it? Let’s look at the nays and yays of the infamous 360° Videos.

360 Video Nays:

  • In 360 video production, it will be difficult for the director to be in the shot and if they are, they have to be painted off in the final output.
  • In this particular way of video production, one has to depend heavily on single takes because it is hard to hide cuts.
  • If one decides to move the camera, the movement should be extremely smooth else the viewer will get sick of it.
  • If the actors cross the “snitch lines” though not impossible it is really difficult to correct the blur.
  • When it comes to Video production in 360 videos, the objects that are further than 20 feet. From the camera, they lose their stereoscopic depth (a fancy way to say that it loses its clarity).
  • 360 video production is comparatively more expensive to produce because they require 360-degree set dressing and labor-intensive editing process (especially for snitching).
  • Been around since 2015 in the market which makes it quite new to the market compared to other equipment in video marketing. Which makes the equipment to be not all versatile to the public use or the daily challenges as they might evolve as one uses it day to day? The current technology is not advanced enough to meet people’s high expectations.

360 Video 


  • When it comes to 360 video production Instead of showing your viewer sections of an environment, they get to experience the full environment.
  • In this style of video production, it gives the viewers the freedom to select which side of the frame to watch.
  • By using a split screen options, 360 videos easily render into VR with the help of inexpensive headsets (i.e. Google Cardboard).
  • There are 360 camera rigs priced to fit every budget, from personal use like Nikon’s KeyMission, Ricoh Theta, Samsung’s Gear 360° to professional quality like Nokia OZO, Google Jump Camera. Video production today caters itself to many denominations of the society.
  • When it comes to the modern video production, 360° videos are especially popular with hard-to-reach millennials and Generation Z.
  • Because of its immersive quality, 360° videos can help the viewer to connect with the content in a meaningful and emotional way. Giving some personal touch to the video production.
  • If you also film o produce in 3D, you will find yourself in many more possibilities which open up, that is with the help of positional tracking, your viewer can physically move within your video.

~ As a ‘Postscript’ we would like to bring it to your mention that at Namesake productions we specialize in professional video production services ranging from corporate videos, promo videos to all forms of video marketing.

The need and impact of Corporate Videos for your brand

“Sharma ji, naya ghar…, nayi biwi…, badhiya hai…!”

We are sure you remember this ad.

This ad played on our TV sets years ago and we still remember it, this is called brand recall. Such an impact is not possible with print ads or non audio-visual mediums. Because Corporate Videos (or Video ads in this context) are always a better way to promote your brand as it ensures brand recall. The story, the characters, the tune or the out of the box idea or the concept, it stays with you, all of it.

Same holds true with the Corporate Videos, let’s visualize a little more about this aspect of branding…

Corporate video-production

Why do you need Corporate Videos…

For the promotion of your brand in a more impactful way that stays with the viewer for a longer time. Just like the stories your grandmother used to tell you when you were a kid. All those stories having visuals that you created in your own mind, are still with you.

Suppose you own a pub and your place is the most happening destination for the party goers. You wish to promote it to your obvious target customers i.e. the young crowd of your city. You should not promote this business on newspapers and through Radio ads. Because the business in question here is a place that gives a certain kind of experience to its customers. The Interiors, the ambience, the service there, the music that plays there and the complete feel of your place, everything comes alive in Corporate Videos. This is the kind of promotion your place actually needs and plain ways cannot do it at all.

Corporate videos are a content driven medium and can do wonders for your brand if done right.

I’ve got Corporate Videos made, now what..

Marketing…! That’s what you have to do now.
Audio-visual content like Corporate Videos always tell a story and if people like it, they share it. Once you are done with the Corporate Videos production, you need a proper online marketing strategy to promote it. This is essential because apart from conventional like & share, People tend to share the content that’s already viral.

In Conclusion, Corporate Videos give you brand recall, quick reach and a long lasting impression with repeated business as well. So whatever your product or service is, you need them as much as any other promotional strategy.

We, at Namesake productions, always strive to make best corporate videos for businesses and for Corporate houses. We mix our passion with the creativity to Produce engaging and great films.

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