2023 Video Production Trends: Keeping an Eye on the Latest Developments

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Video Production is an art that will always stay relevant, though the steps involved may get simplified. The latest advances in this field, such as artificial intelligence (AI), can help you make a high-quality video within a very short time. Generally, video production is a time-consuming process, from defining the goal and concept ideation to the final output. As we look ahead to 2023, it’s crucial to stay informed about the Video Production Trends for 2023, as they will continue to shape the industry and streamline the creative process.

This involves many man-hours. A five-minute high-quality video output requires hours of rendering. So, you could imagine the hours required to render a high-quality video of 30 to 60 minutes. This could be a cinema, corporate video or an ad commercial.
As of 2023, video production techniques have advanced to a great extent and will continue to do so further.

Reports say that the time to edit a video has come down to eight minutes from hours, i.e., a 94 % reduction since 2021.

What are the video production trends for 2023?
Cloud-based editing: The increasing speeds of the internet has it possible to edit videos in real-time, sitting anywhere. You could be aboard a yacht, a cruise, a hiking trip, etc. You could take some time off to finish your editing and save it in the cloud. This could be then picked up by the next concerned person.
Many of these cloud-based editing tools have AI functions that can streamline your workflow with recommendations, thus reducing your time and energy.

Diverse video types: Today, videos are made by both companies and customers. While you could make a short video showing your newly launched product’s unique features or a product tour, your customer might upload an unboxing video of your product on popular platforms such as YouTube. Other videos include helpful facts or tips about your product, testimonials, reviews, case studies, etc.
Incentives for video producers: Many video-sharing platforms are investing in new strategies. It could be something like incentivising content creators like YouTube has done. All social media platforms have started investing in new video strategies.

Video adaptation: This is an easy yet effective way of sharing your product video on multiple social media platforms. So, a video made for YouTube could be adapted for an Instagram reel or story, Facebook story.

Shopping videos enable you to shop for your product without leaving your video on your mobile app or social media page. Customers can browse, select and order your product. Adding AI will enable customers to experience the same.

Educational videos: These videos help your brand disseminate clear information on your products, clear doubts, inform customers about new offers or arrivals, announce contests or giveaways, address misunderstandings about the brand and do much more.

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As the days pass, newer trends emerge in the video production industry. You must determine what suits your company goals and adopt the latest trends to advance your brand image.
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