Unleashing the Potential: The Latest Trends and Strategies in Video Marketing

Strategies in Video Marketing.

Video Marketing is the hottest trend in the field of marketing, especially on digital mediums such as websites and social media. Videos have an inherent inability to quickly attract the attention of people in a way other marketing methods may not easily achieve. This is true whether it’s a general entertainment video or a professional product video targeting potential customers. 

Video marketing is highly effective in cases where you wish to sell your product/service if the video production follows the highest standards. Online video marketing became popular with the introduction of YouTube in 2005. Today, 18 years later, it stands at an unthinkable level of sophistication. They remain even part of Ads displayed across the Google Display Network or other social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and others. 

Video marketing evokes more quick emotional responses from customers in comparison to other marketing methods. A well-produced video targeting the intended audience with the right messaging and right timing does wonders. 

What are the latest trends and strategies in video marketing?

As of 2023, the world of video marketing has evolved more than ever before. Let’s look at them.

  1. Video funnels: By estimates, 84 % of people buy a product/service after watching a brand advertising video. In fact, 87 % of people inquire about products online before purchasing, and videos play a major role in influencing their purchase decisions.
  2. Linkedin videos: Professional engagement on Linkedin has gone up significantly, especially beginning with the pandemic. And most of this engagement is attributed to videos. Figures indicate a 31 % jump in engagement.
  3. Panoramic or 360° video experience: These videos are immersive and hence, attract customers very much. They get a wholesome experience such as the ‘Visit Dubai’ campaign.
  4. Smartphone videos: Shooting ad videos on smartphones is a trend, unlike the traditional method of using complex video production equipment. An example is the Rolls Royce Bentley Ad a few years ago which was shot on an iPhone 5S and edited on an iPad Air. 
  5. Search optimising videos: Video SEO is standard practice now, especially with mega-platforms such as YouTube. This quickens video searches.
  6. Educational videos: These videos only educate, not sell. A good percentage of people block ads, but if your video has quality educational content, there is a higher chance of being noticed.
  7. Vlogging: Influencers use Vlogging to promote brands among their fanbase. This benefits the brand and the influencer.
  8. Interactive videos: The use of AR and VR enables people to interact with a brand, thus, creating a bond that influences purchase decisions.
  9. Short videos: Today is the age of short videos. People prefer to watch these videos as it saves time and gives them a gist of the intended message. But long ads do remain popular still.
Video marketing is the future of brand success.

The use of videos in stories is on the rise. Hence, video marketing is a trend that will increase year by year due to its instant attraction to the human mind. 

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