Why are corporate videos important for your brand?

corporate video

Corporate videos play a strategic role in defining your brand image. Videos, in general, have always had a strong impact on brand awareness and sales since the invention of the video camera. However, with corporate videos becoming a special category and the availability of cutting-edge technology, it can deliver results beyond our expectations. 

They are a valuable tool for businesses to communicate their brand message, promote their products or services and engage with their target audience. These videos embrace powerful storytelling techniques to connect with the target audience. The rise of many new social media platforms, such as Snapchat, Instagram, etc., helps promote short corporate videos. 

These platforms prioritise videos and hence, the popular choice to target the young population there. Being dynamic in nature and fused with the right elements such as story line, narration, video, images and others, corporate videos can leave a long-term impression on the audience. 

Moreover, these corporate videos can be integrated with multiple aspects of marketing, such as email newsletters, websites, social media postings, ads and more. This aspect makes it a universal mode to communicate your brand image. This can build brand trust in the long run and convert to sales.

Effectiveness of corporate videos

The impact of your corporate video depends on the effectiveness of communication that the target audience receives. Diverse content relevant to your brand should be incorporated to expand your target audience. Most of the time, consumers buy a product or service right after they watch the brand video. Also, make sure that your videos remain optimised for viewing on mobile devices. 

This enhances its effectiveness. Hence, keep in mind that you need an effective corporate video strategy to stay on the top in the market. Your strategy should evolve with the quick evolution in web technology that takes place every few days or weeks. 

Which are the most popular platforms for corporate videos?

These remain some of the most popular social media platforms for corporate videos.

  • YouTube
  • Instagram
  • Vimeo
  • Snapchat
  • Twitter
  • Periscope
  • Pinterest
How corporate videos benefit your brand

Brand awareness: When customers know about your brand mostly through videos, it leaves a long-lasting impression in comparison to a text ad.

Promote products/services: You can showcase your products/services to another business or announce the launch of a new one through videos.

Trust: A video featuring product testimonials of your actual customers can help build trust in the brand.

Educate customers: Your videos can showcase your company, its culture, your teams and more.

Help customers: Videos can answer common customer queries, help with product installation or give training on product usage.

Simplifies stuff: Videos can make it easy for customers to understand your product/service.

SEO rankings: Include relevant keywords or titles so that customers can find your videos. 

Apart from the above benefits, your corporate video can be customised to be used for specific purposes such as social media, ads and more. Also, you can use it to keep your stakeholders informed of the business activities.

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