Evolving Role of AI in Video Production

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AI is evolving, and so is its role in various applications. For the past few decades, we have noticed that videos have gained traction whether personal, in cinemas or in marketing. So, they appeal quickly to people and can be utilised for recording memorable moments, getting public opinions, or ensuring quicker marketing conversions. We simply love the fact that video has so much potential. You can always rely on Namesake Productions, a video production company in Hyderabad, to produce world-class videos.

We’ve been exploring AI for some time and are very optimistic about its role in video production. If an AI tool could generate an image exactly according to your instructions, imagine its potential when deployed in video production. 

AI uses sophisticated algorithms and machine learning to automate repetitive tasks, suggest edits and do many other time consuming tasks. In fact, AI can learn, adapt and take creative decisions with regards to video production.

Examples where AI can help video editors
  • Facial recognition
  • Dialogue transcription
  • Object removal
  • Image stabilisation
  • Automatic colour correction
How AI helps in video production
  1. Editing: AI helps automate repetitive and time-consuming tasks in the editing process. It scans through massive footage thereby saving the editor’s time. So, the final video can be fine-tuned for quality and consistency with AI in control. Hence, this allows editors to concentrate on the creative aspects of their work.
  2. Dubbing & voiceover: A video or movie can reach a wider audience if dubbed into other languages. AI can take charge of this task and reduce human effort. AI-driven solutions powered by text-to-speech software, ML algorithms, and NLPs are powerful tools that help with voiceovers. Therefore, creators can leverage AI to customise the sound, accent, pitch, volume and speed to align with content style and tone. 
  3. Managing metadata:  AI can auto-tag content within a fraction of the time a human needs. Object face or location recognition can auto-tag metadata for quicker content discovery.
  4. Upscaling videos: AI can upscale a low quality video. It uses its trained models and data to recognise patterns in images and videos. Thus, AI can go from low-res to high-res by recognising textures, patterns and details.
  5. Analytics: Businesses can upscale when they understand their audiences well. AI, along with analytics tools can help develop video marketing strategies. It can track viewer engagement such as views and video skip patterns. On this basis, businesses can segment and target audiences with tailored content using their demographic, and preferences data. Also, it can even suggest content improvements, changes to titles, keywords, etc based on conversions and click-through rates.
  1. Interactive storytelling: AI can help create engaging narratives and sensor-based storytelling for immersive experiences. 
The power of Generative AI

Generative AI is very promising because of its automatic video production capabilities. This reduces production time and helps honour deadlines. It intelligently analyses the existing content in a frame and can generate new elements that seamlessly blend into the scene. 

Hence, in simple words, it scans the image and generates a new pixel based on the image. Also, Generative AI impressed us with its capability of generating a new image by simplifying typing in text. 

Therefore, AI holds great promise for the future of video production. If you invest in future-ready technologies, your business stands to benefit. 

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