How Product Videos Help Your Business?

product videos

Product videos are one of the hottest forms of digital marketing. You must have come across many of them as you browse the internet. They could be advertising your favourite pack of potato chips, chocolates, cosmetics, a social media platform and others. 

In comparison to a product advertising image, these videos engage you more with live sounds and graphics. Hence, an excellently made product video will catch your attention quickly. Also, most of the product videos you would come across on a regular basis would be on video-sharing platforms such as YouTube. 

A product website is the other place you would come across such videos when you go shopping for specific products. 

How do product videos help your business?

Let’s examine the ways in which product videos help your business

  1. Influence purchases: Customers remember information presented in a video format far better than text. Videos can show demos of a product and, thus, help customers make a good decision.
  2. Target customers with their product: Product information that vouches for its effectiveness through customer testimonials, demos, company culture, etc., can increase their confidence. So, customers get information on what they have been exactly looking for.
  3. Positive impression: Your video can leave an everlasting impression in your customer’s mind for years to come, depending on their quality and effectiveness.
  4. Boost revenue: You can expect a surge in your business revenue through the use of high-quality videos more than an image advertisement.
  5. More video shares: If your video impress your potential customers, they will be shared across social media platforms and with their family and friends. Hence, this is beneficial for your business in the long run.
  6. Conversions through backlinks: When more and more people share your video, you may end up getting more backlinks. Hence, this may lead to more website visits and conversions.
  7. Target your audience quickly: Whether social media, ads or, emailers or newsletters, product videos reach and catch the attention of your niche audience quickly. The human mind notices an interesting video quickly in comparison to a long paragraph of text.
  8. Google has a close connection with videos: Websites that embed product videos get top preference in Google’s SERP (Search Engine Results Page).  Hence, the videos that you put up on YouTube, owned by Google, influence your website ranking.
Additional Reasons:
  1. Building trust: Videos help build trust with your potential customers. When you talk to them through a video providing important information about your product or even speak facts that connect with them, it starts the process of building trust. Thus, with time, your brand forms a long-term relationship with your customers. 
  2. Popular with smartphone users: Product videos shown and optimised for mobile devices find a closer bond with customers. This is in sharp contrast with those watching TV or using laptops.
  3. Better explanation: A lot of customers have made their purchase decisions after watching an explainer video.

Hence, product videos have proven over time to be highly influential in purchase decisions. There is no doubt that it will be beneficial to your business.

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