Creating Social Media Video: A Comprehensive Guide

social media video

Social Media videos have a huge impact on social media marketing. People, in general, identify with videos more than they would do with images. It’s the dynamic nature of videos that makes them more appealing. A viral video gets more views than a popular creative post. 

Types of social media videos
  • Educational videos such as tutorials, explainers, how-to-do guides and more
  • Entertainment videos such as comedy bits, skits and pranks
  • Interviews with famous personalities
  • Product demo videos
  • Animated story videos
  • Event highlight videos
Why social media videos?

All forms of videos appeal to the target audience. 92 % of video marketers claim to get a good ROI on social media videos. Hence, modern-day marketing can’t survive without social media videos. 

  1. Video content is highly favoured: Short videos comprise the most attention-grabbing videos on social media. This percentage goes above 60. Thus, the demand will only keep on rising over the years.
  2. Excellent for storytelling: They’re great for sales conversions. Stories connect with the human mind emotionally. Hence, they help your brand increase sales and brand awareness.
  3. Enhances product awareness: Most people report that they buy products after watching videos more than normal posts. Among them, stories form a good chunk of the strategy. 
  4. Excellent at convincing people: A social media video testimonial of your product or service will get you more new customers and enhance brand awareness. Whereas, in the case of a written testimonial, it may be a fake one, too.
How to create effective social media videos
  1. Planning: It’s crucial to create your social media video. Figure out the intent and the theme of your video first.
  2. Decide your platform: Every social media channel has its own content requirements. Hence, you need to understand where your target audience is present and the video specifications for the platform. 

Also, each social media channel has its policies on the type of content or what needs to go into it, depending on the company and countries where they operates.

  1. Understand your audience: This is crucial to achieving your goal. Else, your efforts will be in vain.
  2. The story: An effective story can make a huge difference to your goal. You could even cross your expectations.
  3. Shorter videos & captivating intros: Focus on making effective short videos that make a strong impression within its first eight seconds. Hence, prioritise the beginning of your video.
  4. Quality: This factor can make a huge difference to your goal in the short and long term. This should cover the story, video, audio, editing, acting, animation & more.
  5. Attractive thumbnail: Make sure you use clear, appropriate and attractive thumbnails that’ll get people interested in your video.

Also, it’s equally important to use text in videos such as product demos, focus on storytelling and branding, perform A/B testing, optimise for smart devices, include a CTA, and even go behind the scenes for your audience. All of this helps in building a powerful connection with your audience.

Hence, a social media video with a clear goal requires consistent efforts from planning to execution and thereafter, evaluating the impact.

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