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social media marketing, social media videos Social media videos – How to spread through word of mouth and bank on them?

Welcome to the Word of Mouth Marketing (WOMM). Isn’t this the first social media platform?…

Wednesday 16

Instagram video
Brand promotion, IGTV, Instagram video Instagram video Marketing with IGTV and how?

When it comes to social media marketing, Instagram video is one of the most popular…

Tuesday 11

Brand Video, Brand video production, corporate video production How brand video can put people first during COVID 19 CRISIS

No matter the industry, working in marketing or sales in the era of COVID-19 is…

Tuesday 07
Brand video production

Pandemic Video ads
Covid, pandemic, video markeitng, video production Video ads – Marketing during the Pandemic

The whole world got to a pause with the spread of Coronavirus, and we’re not…

Tuesday 09

social media marketing, social media marketing agency, social video Social Media Marketing – Top 5 video content for 2020

Social Media Marketing is an ever-evolving world. Before going into the blog, let us ask…

Wednesday 06
SocialMediaMarketing_ Namesake

music, Music for videos, music for your video The Music factor in making your video standout

Music is so powerful that many people feel it be a doorway to our soul.…

Monday 13

Instagram videos, Youtube Videos YouTube Videos vs. Instagram Live – The Brands choice?

Video advertising is big business nowadays. Video channels/platforms like YouTube videos, Daily Motion offer advertisers…

Sunday 15
Youtube Vs Instagram

Namesake __ product video
Demo videos, Product demo videos, product promotion ads, social media video ads, video, videos Demo video to improve your Product’s Customer Service

Since the time it created a buzz among marketers all those years ago, video marketing…

Saturday 15

social media, social media campaign, social media marketing, Socialmediamarketing Social Media campaigns and use of videos

Social media is continually changing the way we exchange and consume information. The most successful…

Wednesday 15

Video Production techniques
Production technique, Video Production techniques Video Production Techniques Proved Effective

Video production techniques aren’t just about shooting, editing and presenting. There are plenty of other…

Sunday 10