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Social Media Marketing is an ever-evolving world. Before going into the blog, let us ask you “How many minutes of video content have you consumed in the last 2 days?” The answer probably would be 1/3rd of your social media time is spent on videos. There’s no surprise in saying that video content is one of the most efficient forms of conveying content.

FACT: YouTube has reported that mobile video consumption rises 100% every year.

With that being said, let’s also go through more numbered facts so you get an idea of how viral video marketing is. 82% of Twitter users watch video content on twitter. Each week, 45% of people watch video content on Facebook and YouTube for more than an hour. 64% of consumers say that watching a video influenced them into buying the product.

Since Social Media Marketing using video is such a trend now, let’s go through 5 types of video content your brand should be producing to get more engagement to your brand’s social profiles. There are a number of places where you can post video content on social media like regular posts, stories, cover videos, and profile videos.

Social Media Marketing Video types for 2020:

Live videos:

If your brand has significant followers, the best way to interact is through a live video. Announcing a new line of collection, or a product is best done through a live video on social platforms. Live videos offer authenticity over branding, which helps create a distinguished personality to the brand. You can also establish contact with an industry leader to conduct an interview. By collaborating with such personalities helps the brand reach a wider and new audience.

Tutorial videos:

Tutorial videos always remain to be viral in the video world. People are always keen to know new things and learn new skills. Tutorial videos are the most efficient way to form a constant viewer base. Once you get the audience into the habit of learning about the brand, it’s a never-ending journey. Since there are numerous videos and even designated channels in this category, you should put in a special element about your brand in communicating. Social Media Marketing videos are long-format videos, which is why it’s better to have a separate team working for tutorial videos.

Behind-the-scenes video:

Make the brand personable, and open a new world to your brand and your audience. Highlighting the day-to-day operations to create a new range of products through BTS videos give your audience a better prospect of how the company works and produces the products they use. BTS videos can be considered as conveying our deepest feelings to our partner, in this case, the brand is communicating with its audience.

User-generated videos:

It’s now lockdown time, and the best time to get user-generated content from your audience. Since everyone is working from home, you can ask the audience to shoot and send a clip of using the brand’s product. This is an excellent way to get an understanding of where your audience’s interests lie. You can mould your further campaigns as per these insights, which will have a higher probability of success. While asking people to send videos, make sure they’re rewarded in an appreciable way.


Stories are everywhere today. With their increasing popularity, social media channels have integrated various widgets. These widgets help bring fun engagement to the brand. Since the concept of stories is a 24-hour limit, they offer a lot to brands to present themselves in an original way. Use stories feature today, to engage your audience and expanding your e-commerce.

These are 5 types of video content you should be focussing on in 2020 for better Social Media Marketing. Make a schedule for a month beforehand and stick to the schedule. Keep in mind that video posts have more reach and influence than regular still creative. At the same time, these need skill and expertise in shooting and composing new ideas of communication. Talking about skill, we’re a team that constantly works on producing different types of video content that have the potential to rank up your brand. Get in contact with us to know what services we offer and how they help your brand.

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