Video ads – Marketing during the Pandemic

Pandemic Video ads

The whole world got to a pause with the spread of Coronavirus, and we’re not an exception. Well, as a production house, we see that this Lockdown is a perfect time to bring out unique campaigns with video ads. We’ve seen that most small businesses have closed up shop to balance the losses that the Lockdown might bring. But, we see this as an excellent opportunity to know more about your audience. See, this is the time where you have undivided attention with your audience. So, you have the chance to get them hooked on to your brand. How to do that, you ask? That’s where we’re going. Read on.

Shoot brand new Video ads:

With the introduction of more video plugins to apps, the consumption rate of video content on mobile phones has multiplied. So, there can’t be a better time to try out new video ads. The first suggestion we give is to shoot a brand new ad for your brand. Since there’s no rush, there’s enough time to brainstorm and come up with an engaging story and screenplay.

Keep the content relevant:

Be it a 5-second story on Instagram, or an elaborative video on YouTube, make sure that the content is interesting. Even though people are spending time at home, there’s always the stress of what’s going on with the world. So, getting out relevant content in a video gets good attention. You could even add a bit about the impact and change that this Pandemic has brought. That acts as a hook because we know that everyone is experiencing this.

Present the brand as socially responsible:

It’s each one of our responsibilities to take care of those in need. Social acts don’t need to relate to the products/services offered by the brand. Because we as humans expect humanity to be present in every individual. Since we replicate the same with brands, donating money, or driving fundraising activities helps you grab the attention of a community. Don’t have enough resources to do so; raise awareness. That helps a lot too.

Well, these are some of the few ideas from the top of our heads to get more audience to your brand. As people with creative mind-sets, we believe that this Pandemic and Lockdown can reap great results to your brand’s presence. If you have any ideas on this, feel free to get in touch with us. We’ll help you make an engaging campaign out of it.

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