How brand video can put people first during COVID 19 CRISIS

Brand video production

No matter the industry, working in marketing or sales in the era of COVID-19 is no simple task. Not only is the alternating news cycle utterly distracting — but you might also struggle to determine which type of content and interactions are right during these difficult times. Still, if you want to up your digital content production and keep your company healthy, more so in the high-engagement realm of brand video. It is the natural choice for most organisations, wherewith animated explainer videos majorly taking up a vital slot right now.

These days, the prime role of content marketers and sales teams is to pay attention to. Find out what your audience needs. Then put their needs first. It’s the best way to build up relationships based on trust that can last for long.

Let’s have a look at how to create branded video content that’s sensitive to your audiences’ needs; Not only sensitive but beneficial to them in these times of crisis. 

The Role of Brand Video ina Covid-19 World

First and foremost, videos and motion graphics take over most of the online traffic as of today. The bulk of online traffic, even before the coming out of coronavirus, involved a lot of videos. Therefore, people are looking to digital channels evermore to drive human connection and do business. It makes video medium an ideal one as the average brand seeks to reach audiences.

But live-action video production can sound like a highly tricky proposition at a time when everyone at your company is into social distancing. It is where animated video and explainer video comes into the picture. Unlike live-video producers, animators can create from the safety of their own homes.

Motion graphics can take on a wide variety of styles and topics. They’re particularly useful for healthcare and pharmaceutical company marketing efforts.

Why Animated Explainer Videos Can Help Your Company Connect

Explainer videos, too, have particular value at this moment. Already, an impressive 96% of people are watching a company’s explainer video. The reason is that these types of videos present strictly useful and engaging content that will leave an impression.

Right now, audiences need brands to offer real value through their content — not try to sell. Explainer videos are exclusively placed to provide that value.

Telling a Human ‘Story’

We’re all looking for means to stay connected. And it looks like no matter where you are on the internet, stories are adding to that connection. Right now, more brands are looking to yoke the power of visual storytelling to get to their customers.

Motion graphics and video are solely to bring such stories to life for your brand. Maybe you would like to show how your company goes back to the community. Or maybe you like to make clear how you’re going to be there for your customers. Whatever is the case, when you associate with the right production team, a human element within the animated characters can bring your brand’s explainer video to life.

Successful marketing and sales content are still possible in these testing times. Try these brand video production strategies; you’ll be able to make that connection we’re all seeking.

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