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Since the time it created a buzz among marketers all those years ago, video marketing has become equivalent with promotion of businesses. It is spot on that demo video is one of the top ways to raise the knowledge of your brand and increase your sales.

However, there is so much more you can do with a demo video!

Video marketing is a low-cost and an easy way to perk up customer support, engagement, and satisfaction. In this article, we’re going to show you how it can be done.

Customer Support

For many of you resorting to call customer support can be a disappointing, deflating feeling. It’s not per se the calling part that is so frustrating. But it’s the amount of time you spend on hold, the way you’re passed from person to person. Above all, the fact that you have to call in the first place since the product or service let you down.

If there’s one thing that is valuable to your customer, it is their time. One of the best ways to save their time is to make support videos that let them to help themselves whenever they run into trouble with your product or service. In a recent survey, it is found that if customers are having trouble with an app or a product, 68% of them, in fact, wish to watch a video that explains how to solve the problem rather than calling the business to have a word with their support team.

Giving your customers the tools they need to solve their own problems not only saves valuable time and resources for your business, it also saves customers’ time and makes them happier. Time-saving is a big priority for today’s fast-paced mobile customers. With customer support videos, you can make this possible.

Customer Engagement

Continuing on the lines of self-help videos and product walk-throughs, these types of videos are also excellent for engagement. People have a reason to watch these videos and this sends a great message to search engines. If you have videos on your website that receive a consistent number of views, then you’ll notice your SEO starts to improve fast. Search engines don’t care what type of videos you create, as long as they’re popular with your website visitors.

May be, the very best place to connect with your customers is on social media. But you have to make sure your videos are social-friendly as well. Social-friendly videos are a kind of short-form, fun videos that people usually search for when they hang out on social media. Social media is not a platform to hard-sell. Hence, it’s better you try and avoid posting promotional content on your profiles. Though, your content should best reflect your brand always in style and tone of voice.

Videos give us a better view of products in use. This means we can buy products with more confidence. Indeed 79% of consumers would still use video to get information on a product than read on a blog. On top of that, 84% of consumers felt compelled enough to buy a product. Only after watching a brand video about it.

Customer Satisfaction

Making sales is important. But promoting a product or service without a good description isn’t the right way to do business. This is where a video can help. With a clear explainer video that outlines the key benefits of your product or service, you can manage customer expectations (and thereby, satisfaction!) by presenting viewers with an overview of exactly what to expect. This lets people to buy with confidence which can also lead to raise your ROI.

A really attractive explainer video is a fine way to set you apart from competitors. It also introduces customers to your brand. In our understanding, the best explainer videos are between 60-90 seconds in length and follow a simple three step process:

  •            Problem
  •            Solution
  •            Benefit

This allows you to summarize difficulties that viewers can link to and then present your brand/product/service as the best solution. A great way to end an explainer video is with your company’s matchless benefits.

In conclusion

The video has many uses in the marketing world. Above all, it is an appealing form of content for consumers. We hope this article has given you as many ideas for different ways you can use demo videos in your business to perk up customer support, engagement and satisfaction.

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