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How Some of the best videos have helped brands elevate

Using the best videos to market your brand might not be a new idea. But with the power of Internet on a rise, it’s certainly an avenue you can’t miss. Today, the best videos are consumed, even on-the-go.
Best videos are not created by chance; they’re created by unmatched passion.

Most of us are aware that Google is the world’s most used search engine. But YouTube is equally important for a brand’s presence. It stands second when it comes to searches. As surprising as it may sound, netizens depend heavily on this platform to dig out information about various brands.

The nature of this information is quite versatile, and there are quite a few ways to create interesting videos to elevate your brand. Right from brand-integrated short films to socially responsible videos, from standup comedy to pure branding videos. The audience is always on the look out for rich and fresh content. And videos have generated a lot of curiosity and buzz of late. In fact, these can also do a lot of good to small & medium businesses. These help in creating a point-of-differentiation as well.
Enter Advertising

If you’re looking to promote your brand videos in niche markets, you will not find a medium as powerful as YouTube. All you need to do is follow a few simple steps – create a free channel on YouTube, upload your videos on this channel, come up with interesting headlines, fill in all the relative keywords along with other necessary information, add credits where required and promote. Well, there are quite a few forums, websites where you can share and distribute your videos. The promotion however, depends on the merit of your content. If you’ve got the bucks, consider YouTube advertising. But remember, do this only if you feel a little push to your video can work wonders. Do it only if you’re confident about your content. Else, all your efforts will fall flat, and you’ll just end up burning your bucks. If you’ve got higher marketing budgets, you can even insert your crisp video or advertisement in other popular videos on YouTube. The catch here is to remain crisp. You need to get the attention of your audience in the first 5 seconds flat, else they skip. For longer videos like Short films or brand-integrated films, you can consider teasers as insertion.Video advertising powered by AdWords can end up being your strongest tool. However, the real power of advertising in this medium lies in something known as “ad targeting”. It lets you zero in on your potential followers by running your ads only on videos of those channels whose followers you’d like to attract. While this sounds like an almost infallible strategy to increase virtual footfall on your brand’s channel, there is a catch.
Sell That Pen to a Stranger… in 5 Seconds.

Any competent video production company will actually look at this as more of a creative challenge than as a catch. Your viewers enjoy the option of skipping an ad placed before a video, five seconds into the ad. Here, your fate diverges into three plausible branches –

Don’t Care: The viewer decides he’s not interested in the ad, and presses the much dreaded skip button. It’s undoubtedly, the worst plausible branch for your brand.
Interesting but…whatever: The viewer does view your entire ad but doesn’t know what to do with the information. So, he goes back to his video, and forgets about your ad. Better branch to hold on to, but still doesn’t serve your purpose. This proves that the content lacks the punch, and you’ll just end up losing money.
I’m So Subscribing: The only strong option that actually meets the objective. The viewer does view your entire ad, and ends up subscribing to your channel, logging on to your website, purchasing your product or service. The secret to skip the second branch and grab this one is very simple – the age-old mantra of “Call to Action”. Sometimes, something as simple as “click to subscribe” does the trick.While you get the desired results, don’t forget to thank your video ad promotion company. It will charge them up to come up with better content next time around.

Best videos can actually make it happen!

As a smart brand, all you have to do is find the right video production company to work its magic, and create the best videos. A simple Google search can help you with a few options. Making the right choice from a plethora of video production companies, however, needs patience. Think of patience as a critical non-monetary investment with impressive monetary returns. Browse through each company’s portfolio, especially their previous works. Feel free to ask them questions about their strategies, and ideas for your brand. Be self-critical in your analysis until you’re sure that they’re “THE” company. Voila! your idea to create some of the best videos for your brand will soon be a reality.

Now that you’ve understood the power of video content, feel free to connect with us, at Namesake Productions.

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