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Many businesses these days are into explainer videos as they venture into video marketing. What explainer videos achieve is a feat that is almost not possible by web pages or brochures in text formats. An explainer Video summarizes your services or products into videos. These videos have an easy-to-follow narrative.

Companies should take advantage of this world of unlimited explainer video possibilities. Right from Instagram video to Facebook Videos, the motion and visuals have secured their place in the way we use information online. An ExplainerVideo is no longer only a trend, but it’s also everywhere and clear to see why. It’s also one of the highly effective mediums your business can use to make a lasting impression. Here’s why –

Explainer videos

1.    Explainer videos present a problem and solution

The doctrine in writing is to show, not tell which can be applied to marketing, indeed. Your business can solve a problem faced by your customers. When you highlight a problem via an explainer video, you don’t need to request your customers to put themselves in the scenario. They can imagine themselves in the video as a knee jerk response to the video. With a corporate video, the impact is always double than with writing where you need to appeal to people verbally.

2.    Explainer videos narrate a story

 Appealing to the audiences’ emotions they have about a particular need must be the target as a digital marketer. This scenario is useful while explaining your business solutions to your target audience of investors or potential customers. Storytelling enables you to weave these emotions into an exemplary visual communication through the explainer video. By starting with an issue and leading your audience towards the solution, in conclusion, people are most likely to remember the clear benefits your services offer. This way, a narrative thread will make it easy for you to bring all the elements of your presentation together.

3.    Explainer videos are noteworthy

 When visuals are combined with sound, it makes it easy for us to learn and store information. Videos, along with other visual content marketing, do help in making your brand more memorable. Explainer videos have the power to capture your company (and its personality) in a single story. This explainer will be your voice in the digital landscape. It helps your audience recall when they consider what sets you apart from the rest of the competition.

4.    Explainer videos are an inspiration beyond the selling point

Explainer videos give a chance for potential customers to walk around your product or services. It is an excellent contrast to selling that always talks about a list of benefits. Animation pours life into your ideas and lets the story unfold in ways that motivate trust in your audience. Explainer videos are ultimately about striking the right balance as they illustrate what, how, and why.

5.    Explainer videos are a revelation

With the right distribution, you can leverage your target audiences outside of your immediate followers also to watch your explainer video. It all depends on how you shared it on all the relevant marketing channels when the time came to publish your video. Of course, not to forget to tag and title your video while you share. It is now easy to see why videos tend to have a greater lifespan than text content as they get full exposure, far and wide.

At Namesake Productions, we believe that great videos are not created by chance; they are created by passion. We firmly believe a video to be a significant investment we make in a brand.

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