5 things to consider before making a Facebook video

Facebook Video
Facebook Video

Thinking of creating some exciting Facebook video to grab the attention of your viewers and helps in brand awareness while they scroll through their feed? Gaining more likes, views and recently, the reactions are highly important. Not only your content but you need to take several other factors to force the social butterflies to stop scrolling. Sounds tough? Don’t worry, it’s easy.

Successful Facebook video making requires a series of steps to be taken into consideration before its production stage. So what are you waiting for? Grab a pen and paper to note these small yet important tips for your next Facebook video.

AWEsome Beginning for your Facebook Video

Research says that apparently, you lose your audience within the first 30 seconds or less. Shocking? Right. So the question arises how you are going to engage them. The key is to entice your viewers within first few seconds. Maybe your video isn’t surprising but your presentation can be.

Catching the eyeballs in the opening seconds (first 4 seconds) will help you in gaining more views. A good joke might help as humour is always catchy. As long as you keep your audience from scrolling you’re good to go.

Go S.S. (Short and Sweet)

“Ah… another long video!” How many times we have done this and stopped watching a video just because of its length. Short videos with creative content are always welcome. There is so much content available on social media that your video can be ignored just because it’s long.

Imagine spending hours on a video but end up having less or new views at all. Heartbreaking isn’t it! Create a creative and compact video that delivers the right message within a given amount of time. 60-90 seconds is the ideal time limit to be followed for a video that is sure to let your target group wait and watch.

Hot Topic for a successful Facebook Video

The key ingredient to a great Facebook video involves a topic that garners more views. Food being the most preferred video category enjoys twice number of average interactions than the second theme on the list. Fashion and Beauty comes after food because a hungry stomach cannot make you look good. Followed by Animals, DIY and Humour the list for the best video category gets completed.

These are the top 5 reasons why creators enjoy more views than any other video maker that depends on a different theme. Education, Cars, Marketing, Real Estate and Finance/Stock comes at the bottom of the list as it gets least engagement.

Understand with Captions

Life doesn’t come with captions, but your videos can! We know what you are thinking, ‘why make captions even though your video is saturated with mind blowing aesthetics?’ Captions do help you gain more views. Yes, it’s true! How else would you explain watching a video while in a meeting, family function or even during a class?

Captions facilitate easy video viewing without having to turn the sound on. This increases the chances of watching a video that can be easily played in a quiet environment. For this Facebook provides an easy tool to add captions to your Page’s video. Generate captions or add your custom ones, either ways will add more views to your video.

All about Thumbnails

Millions of times we have seen a video just because its thumbnail was really attractive. It can be your favourite celebrity, a dish that you love or a pet that resembles your dog. We end up watching the whole video only to find out that it is nowhere related to it. Of course, your content is important, but convincing your target viewers to click and watch your video happens because of your thumbnail. Or as it is popularly called – “Click Bait”

It is a good way to actually get more people to click and watch your Facebook video. As when a dish that is presented properly has more chances of being eaten first, similarly with a good thumbnail there are more chances of people clicking on your video. Let it stand out from the available options with an interesting and engaging thumbnail.

Check your list as you have the full recipe for a great Facebook video. Follow these basic steps and create a viral content that matters. Keep these tips in mind before another Facebook video making. Don’t forget to tag us!

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