Customer testimonial videos to increase sales

Customer testimonial videos

Blog posts, images, infographics, PDFs, eBooks, case studies, et al., are all types of content that you can use for marketing. But then nothing beats videos. Plus, customer testimonial videos are a viable option for content marketing.

Why go for a Customer Testimonial Video?

A customer testimonial video is a customer review video. In the video, the customer talks about your product and the experience.

You can use these customer testimonial videos in various ways for marketing purposes. Research shows that 85% of consumers look for reviews before making a purchase. Video testimonials by your customers do an excellent job of increase in your product/service sales.

Using Customer Testimonial Videos in Marketing

Using videos for marketing is the right marketing method. As your audience can easily remember and retain video content. It is where customer testimonial videos play a lead role in marketing your brand.

Here are a few best practices for using testimonial videos in marketing:

  1. Landing Page –

There isn’t any better way to use a customer testimonial than on a landing page. It can help to significantly boost conversions, thus increasing conversion rate by 86%.

There are multiple benefits with these landing page videos:

  1. Use it to generate leads.
  2. Use it to persuade visitors to buy your product.

These benefits imply that you can use customer testimonial videos at multiple stages of the sales funnel to build awareness and interest in your product and then generate sales by converting leads. It, however, also depends on the testimonial. You’re the judge here.

For instance, if you’re talking on 5 significant benefits of your product on the landing page, the customer testimonial video should reflect the same benefits and not others. Thus, a customer review video on your landing page is your best marketing tool. Do use them.

  1. Social Media –

Businesses and marketers around the world are crazy about social media marketing. Almost half of the world’s population is on social media actively. And this is why you should make use of customer testimonial videos on social media too.

In effect, sharing a customer video testimonial can do a lot on social media. It raises brand awareness and targets traffic to your website.

  1. Write a Case Study –

Customer testimonial videos can be converted into individual case studies, and why not? Each testimonial is a complete case study to help customers solve a problem. What’s better than sharing the exact method in a step-by-step case study with your audience?

Each customer testimonial should be treated as a success story. You can also make a full-fledged case study for every testimonial.

While videos are remarkably great in convincing people, a customer testimonial video by itself provides in-depth information. It answers all the questions of the audience. To summarize, this is where customer testimonial videos show a strong hand.

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