Online video content – 10 things a blogger should know

Online video content

Blogging has always been the king of content creation. But, it was only until videos became widely popular. Today, the scenario has changed so much that it would be a mistake to rely solely on text content. Because, videos have changed the way of consuming content, and frankly videos are way more efficient in conveying the message through. In this blog, we throw light on 10 important industry statistics to conclude why bloggers need to start using online video content more than ever.

Online video content

Video Marketing stats for Bloggers and Content Creators

  1. Email videos show a huge rise in click-through rates.

Instead of just making use of RSS feeds and text newsletters for updates, why not start using video within your mailings as well? You will be taken by surprise as to how well they convert and engage your audiences. Email videos show a promising and rather huge increase in engagement numbers.

  1. Including video on a landing page increases conversions

Landing pages aren’t just for online marketers anymore as they are also extensively used by top bloggers as well. Since videos can easily communicate the purpose of the promotion, adding a video be it animated or informational can hugely increase conversions.

  1. YouTube reports rise in mobile video consumption every year

It’s kind of obvious now, that YouTube has been a storm of a platform to develop and publish content. So, it has changed the way we use the Internet today. And, it is the perfect reason for you to include videos in your content creation.

  1. A video likely influences users to buy a product online

Review videos are a great source of information for new buyers. Tech geeks too check out videos to get additional info on the product and its advancements. Moreover, several surveys have concluded that videos influence users to buy a product online.

  1. Digital marketers employ video content

Did you know? Google ranks promotions, ads, and content based on video content too. So, if you’re concentrating only on still ads, it’s time for you to change approach and try video ads too.

  1. Users say that product videos help them in decision-making.

Majority of the buyers at least once checks out videos related to a product they’re about to buy. Knowing about the product sure influences them into buying. So, work on a few videos that talk about your product, the advantages or it’s functionality.

  1. Most mobile video consumers share videos.

Who doesn’t love to share, right? Videos effectively expand your reach. The love of sharing plays a vital role in the video world as it increases leads eventually.

  1. Online consumers trust video ads

The type of video plays an important role too. It talks all about the brand. So, choose the type of video based on your brand. If you want to talk about trust, direct video ads are a great choice over animated ads.

  1. Create trending online videos with music, comedy and news.

Trends never stop. One way or the other, trends create a niche in the video market almost every day. And you as a content creator need to take advantage of these trending video formats and concepts to promote your product.

  1. People watch online video ads monthly for over 16 minutes.

Yes, you read that right. The reason users watch ads is that they want to see the real video content towards the end. Eventually, this proves the value of creating high-quality content to keep your audiences intact.

It doesn’t matter if you are a blogger, business, or brand, video is not only the future of content marketing — it’s the RIGHT NOW.

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