Video Production Techniques Proved Effective

Video Production techniques

Video production techniques aren’t just about shooting, editing and presenting. There are plenty of other tasks that go behind the scenes to make a video worth it. While mastering each of these is one challenge, being able to manage them within the given budget and time is another. Here, in this blog, we talk about how to use time and budget effectively, so your project runs easier and smooth.

Video Production techniques

Get your Video production plan ready

It seems like the most obvious pointer to start with, and most video production crews know this. Still, once the production starts, they’ll find it hard to keep up with the plan. There are many reasons this might happen, so let’s talk about how to handle this situation.

Do not take any aspect for granted. Be it a simple change of camera, to deciding on a location, be precise and fix your plan keep up. Sometimes it’s human nature to leave out on smaller aspects when planning for something big. But, we suggest that you make it a habit to jot down everything in your plan.

Book your location beforehand

When it comes to choosing a location, be PICKY and be the early bird. Locations are like hot cupcakes at every famous bakery. They go unavailable as soon as they’re open. So, be prepared, consider your script, and decide the kind of place you want to shoot your video, and book it beforehand.

Speaking about locations; be smart about it. Get a rough layout of the kind of output you need, and then select your location. As said earlier, do not procrastinate.

Choosing the right gear

Sure, it looks cool to walk and run around with a professional RONIN stabilising setup. But, give it a thought, if the project really needs such high-end gear. Once you get a rough idea of how you want your end result to look, it’s easier to choose the right gear. If you think you can manage your shots hand-held, you can save a chunk of production cost right there.

Choosing your crew

Your crew is what drives your project at the pace you need. So, be sure to select the right people to handle the jobs. If you think you need a fast and precise individual on the camera, be sure to check their work and select them accordingly. When it comes to storing and organising your shooting data, you need someone with a lot of concentration, so your data will not be misplaced or lost.

This particular point does not seem to have a direct connection with the economy of the project. But, think about the time you can save by selecting the right crew, and thus production money.

Optimise editing time

Plan your editing hours as per your shooting schedule, and make it a habit to stick to your editing plan. It’s because, editing is the final stretch of the video output, and it gives you an overall look of the video even before you shoot everything. Start to edit while you shoot so that you can know the ins and outs of how to better your shooting skills.

These are some basic fundamentals to be considered even before starting on a project. Plan your time for everything, and it pays off. We hope this blog helps you save the cost and time of your next project. Comment below if you have any other tips to reduce cost.

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