How To Make a Vlog Which Attracts New Customers


It’s 2018 and the world has a whole new take on communicating. Social media plays a major role in our lives. You can find every kind of content on the internet very easily. People from every age group use YouTube and often subscribe to their favourite channels. Blogs and vlogs can be your best friends in attracting new customers. An honest and creative vlog will win many hearts and add to the loyal following of your company. It is necessary that you know what it takes for a viewer to watch your vlogs and follow you.

Follow these rules and learn how to vlog perfectly

Strong concept

We all look up to internet more than we look up to anything else in the world. Even the slightest doubt, we Google it and look spend hours together reaching and watching blogs and vlogs.  So have a strong concept, based on your type of business. For example, an actor will post content that will show his acting skills.

Useful Content

Number one, if you want to know how vlog, that’s how. We live in the world where internet is a teacher and we are its students. Internet teaches a lot and the audience is always looking for new and interesting things to learn through blogs and vlogs. So, make sure that you make content that is useful and helps people in a certain way.

Relatable and Funny

Who doesn’t like to catch a break? Keep your content simple, honest and relatable. Make it easier for people to understand and add some light humour to it. You can take the help of production houses like Namesake productions, who are masters in video production.


The content you create must have consistency. Try and stick to one concept and come up with new ways to make vlogs on the same concept in various fun ways. This will build your audience and whenever they need something related to your concept, they will directly come to your vlogs.

An Appealing Title

A title plays an important role in blogs and vlogs. Keep a check on trending issues and topics and try to relate your vlog with that. The title of your vlogs and blogs must be really catchy and trendy, so that when we look at it, we click without a thought.


Let your vlogs be casual sometimes, but never compromise on the professional aspect. Let your audience know that you put a lot of efforts in making a blog. If needed, take help from professional production houses like, Namesake Productions in making your vlogs. They make sure your vlog is upto the mark with some good quality videos.


Do not forget to promote your channel at the end of every vlog. No hesitating in asking for subscriptions, because that is how you grow. Let your audience know where they can find you and contact you. Mention every social media account or page you have in your vlogs and in the description as well.


Make vlogs that serve the purpose of being useful, funny, relatable and interactive. Ask your audience what they expect and let them ask you the questions and answer them. Come up with content that is thought provoking and makes your audience wonder in amazement.

Those were some tips on how to vlog, follow them and put your heart in it. Set a target on the number of customers or viewers you want to gain and take help from production houses like Namesake Productions and find yourself gaining a huge number of followers and customers.

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