How a Small Business Video Creates a Perfect Strategy for Brand Awareness.

Brand awareness
Brand awareness

The number of startups in today’s world is in abundance. We’re a generation of prolific people, and the competition we have is a great deal.  For a startup to grow and reach the customers, doing brand awareness a business needs to have a profound strategy. Strategy plays a very pivotal role in the augmentation of the company.

What is brand awareness? A company is said to have reached the peaks of its success when, it has become a synonym of a product, and that is what is called as brand awareness. For instance, you don’t ask your friends if they want a soda, you straight up ask them if they want a coke. That’s how strong the brand coca cola is.  A small business could go big, with a good brand awareness strategy, a video with good content can keep the customers content.

Why a video for Brand Awareness?

  • For any business to grow, they must grab Attention, arouse Interest, evoke Desire and incline Action, and a video has the potential of all of that.
  • What else can a video do? It can help combat the competitors and retain the customers.
  • Whether you want to promote your product, explain its features, sway your customers with your company story, testimonies, and customer reviews, a video has the capacity of all of this. The good thing about videos is that, videos are art. They convey stories, and we all love stories, don’t we?
  • The social media today is immensely powerful. Platforms like Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, they’re vastly popular. A huge section of the audience is a fan of these websites.
  • 4 billion videos are watched on a daily basis over YouTube. 92% of the B2B prospects consume online video. There’s a high chance of your video going viral.
  • How will you video go viral? It all depends on what you try to portray. A video can convey a million messages in a very short time. If your content is on point, you’ll wake up to a million notifications from every social media website you have an account in.
  • Through a video, you have the ability to create content that the customers will relate to, something that the audience will connect to. Videos which have good content, and make customers really happy, have a very special place in their hearts. Such videos are circulated very quickly.

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