Web Video: An Art, A Skill, A Recipe For Success

Web Video
Web Video

They say life is in movement. In the world of static articles and regular websites, motion picture, which we call video, can work wonders. Additionally, having a web video is an excellent marketing strategy. It engages people and it enhances search results. In my opinion, both of these together spell a recipe for success.

We list 5 killer reasons why your website could benefit from the power of web video:

Better Search Engine Optimisation

First of all, having an online video, especially an engaging one, gets eyeballs. Second, when people spend time looking at a video on your website, Google takes into account engagement time and optimises its search results in your favour. Third, having a Youtube web video exponentially increases your chances of getting popular on a public platform. Moreover, Youtube is a child company of Google. You do the Math!

Etching The Product In Audience Memory

As a matter of fact, when people watch a web video, they remember and recall the product being advertised because of the visual impact movie has. Moreover, remembering is a significant part of getting popular. It enhances site visits and click-through rates.

Communication And Trust

Online video is a powerful mode of communicating your brand’s vibe and sentiment. Thereby, it works wonders in reaching out to groups of people. Product video, or any web video for that matter is a work of art. Art, speaks to people. Therefore, it ignites emotion, strikes a cord and builds trust.

Web video for Mobile Users

All said and done, we seldom have time to go through lengthy passages while we are on our phones. Instead, we’d rather watch an interesting video that has managed to capture our attention. Creating a web video targets the mobile audience. Remember, there are a lot of people who don’t own a computer. On the other hand, almost everyone these days has a cell-phone.

Conversion Boosts and Better ROI

As a matter of fact, adding a web video ups conversions by a huge percentage. In addition, it increases sales. Before buying a product, most people like to watch tutorials. An online video advertising a product betters marketing and even ensures direct sale.

ROI is return on investment. Video production is not cheap or reasonable. However, it has proven worthwhile. Besides, it is the content of your website video that matters majorly. Therefore, you needn’t overspend on one.

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