The Art of Scriptwriting for Video Production

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Scriptwriting is an important aspect of Video Production among its many important phases. This applies whether you’re writing a script for a movie, short film or advertisement. It begins with the very purpose behind the video produced. 

Video production without a script makes no sense and would not get the desired results. Similarly, a video without an effective script would also not help you achieve your desired outcome. Even a five to 20-minute video may require hours or days of ideating to come up with a good script.  

The dialogues form a good part of the script. And so, they, in turn, decide the location, timing, and actions that happen in the video. It is the script that is prevalent throughout the production of the video. This is because it involves everyone who is part of the production directly or indirectly. 

The first draft of a script begins with an understanding of the audience the video would be targeting. Hence, the script should contain only the relevant dialogues and scenes needed to achieve your goal. Depending on whether an actor would deliver the dialogue or you would use a voiceover, you could determine the ideal person for this task. 

After all, a good script is formed in your mind, flows through your pen onto the paper or your laptop and is then developed into a full-fledged script. 

When we remember great script writers, the likes of Satyajit Ray, Oliver Stone, The Coen Brothers, and many more inspire us. Their scripts have made a tremendous impact on our minds. 

Benefits of scriptwriting for video production

Scriptwriting is a phase that affects the entire direction of a video production process. Let’s take a look at its benefits – 

  1. Putting the script on paper: Writing down your script on paper will allow you to visualise the sequence of events in your video. It helps everyone involved in video production understand the flow of the video and their respective roles. Great movies like the Avatar series, Jurassic Park series, Bahubali series and many more had their scripts written well in advance. Even popular commercials like the COVID-19 Facebook ad or Fevicol ad had amazing scripts that were prepared well in advance.
  2. Your intended audience: Knowing your audience well before you begin writing your script guides you on the right path.
  3. Saving time, money and resources: A well-written script saves unnecessary expenditure and time. It lessens your financing worries.
  4. Get the right messaging: Scripts written with a clear goal deliver the right brand messaging. It saves time in redoing shoots to correct any misalignment in brand messaging. 
  5. Get noticed quickly: A catchy script is quickly noticed by the intended audience. Highly needed, especially when there’s a lot of competition.
  6. Brand messaging through stories: Writing a script in a story-telling mood is very powerful and attractive to the end consumer.

Ultimately, a script will help align the video production process with the brand messaging goal. 

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