Types of video production to increase user conversions

video production

Videos are everywhere. They’re entertaining, informative, and can hold the attention span for a longer time. And, that’s all marketing needs. To keep a user hooked on to the brand’s content is an ultimate achievement. And, different types of video production are the easiest way to do that. But, there are a few challenges in the execution part; especially, where the video needs to convert the user’s attention into sales. Surveys state that about 85% of customers purchase a product after watching a video about it. And that’s a high conversion rate in marketing terms. In this blog, we focus on how to make the videos convert.

Formats of videos

Different formats of videos act differently in converting. You have to first understand the purpose of the video to create one for the format. Today, six types of broad video production formats can increase engagement & sales.

Let’s get into the details of these formats.

Product Videos

Crisp and to-the-point product videos that talk about all their specifications are golden content. To drive website traffic to the product, we use detailed video formats about the product. These types of videos help the user get a better understanding of the product. In a way, these videos are like the sales pitch.

How-To Videos

These types of videos are suitable for products and new campaigns that need explanation. These can give an informative way of approach to the product.

Webinar Videos

B2B marketers love webinar content; especially, because they have potential clients and a better way to engage the audience. Conducting webinars with an industry expert creates a sense of trust with the brand and turns in more loyal customers.

Interactive Videos

Having an interactive video on a website creates more engagement than still images. That’s because of the fun factor and ease of flow that videos create. The content of the video creates a unique user experience and increases conversion rates.

Customer Testimonials

Testimonials work like magic. Period! ‘The talk’ creates a genuine sense of trust among the audience. Plain texts praising your products or services don’t make the desired impact. So, customer testimonial videos are a sure way to magnify your conversions and boost website user experience. It leads to a sense of trust and reliability.

So what’s holding you back? Take your video content to the next level and create a user experience that your existing customers and prospects enjoy. Not to mention the hike in your conversion rates these diverse video contents can bring.

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