5 Corporate Video Trends For 2019

Have you ever wondered how many/much video marketing content  you watch in a week? Maybe not, because corporate video content these days have evolved so much that it’s integrated into almost every platform we use. Let’s go through some numbers about corporate video content, shall we?

  1. Twitter is not just about text. 82% of its users watch video content.
  2. Each day, more than 500 Million hours of video content is watched on YouTube.
  3. Video content became so popular that 87% of online marketers rely on it.
  4. Every 60 seconds, 72 hours of video content is being uploaded to YouTube.

Video Marketing

Do these numbers look small? Not, right? So, if you’re looking to market your brand, this article can help you choose the best video marketing strategy. Here’s our list of 5 Corporate video marketing trends for 2019.

Just go LIVE!

Yes, go live. Do you remember the addition of Instagram Stories? They became an instant hit and gained them a massive load of active users. The reason behind stories being such a hit is that the audience is always keen to be tagged along with what’s going on. Whenever there’s a launch of a product, or an event happening, you can now watch the action live either on Instagram Live module, YouTube Live, or Facebook Live.

Rather than posting an edited video, curated to the best moments of an event, we suggest you start showing your audience the live action. It is a great technique to build a sense of trust with the audience, and you can also post the best moments of the event video sometime later as a reminiscence of the event.

Video Homepages

If you’re even an average web surfer, you may have stumbled upon websites with crisp movements to their elements. It is called Parallax design. This design has recently shattered the roofs of creativity and is being used by big brands like Samsung, Apple, and many more.

Due to this design, video homepages have become a thing in corporate websites. The best part is that you don’t have to worry about the bandwidth, given the speeds of the internet these days. This trend is on the rise, even on handheld platforms.

So, launching a new product, or a remake of your website, make sure to hop on this Video marketing trend.

360 Videos are booming

We can say, without a doubt that you’ve seen at least one 360-degree video. These videos are captured by 360 camera equipment that can capture your whole surroundings at once.

These can be a great way to capture the audience attention,letting them chose their area of focus. These can also be incorporated into the website’s homepage, which gives a brief understanding of the corporate space.

Aerial Videos using drones

Oh, those are the videos to watch out for. The dynamics and angles that a drone can provide are countless. Corporate videos are now hopping on this Video marketing trend whenever they want to showcase their extensive facilities. This specific video trend is finding its space in businesses like educational institutions, real estate, and automotive industries.

Switching to Long Video marketing

With the introduction of stories and short videos on social platforms like Instagram, the lengths of videos that are being posted have reduced drastically. This Video marketing trend has been followed by many corporate businesses too. But, it’s now time to shift to the long-form content again.

That is because, there is a much broader scope for delivering a message in the form of a story or documentary, which is impossible in the short videos. The emphasis of the story plays a much vital role in the long form videos, which again builds trust in the audience.

So, those are the most trending corporate video projects that have a broader scope to reach more audience in 2019. We hope that this article gave you some bundle of knowledge for you to choose the next project of your corporate marketing. If you’re looking to market your business using video, make sure to contact us. We’re Namesake, and Click here to know more about our services, and what we have to offer.

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