Film Maker and Corporate Video Errors

Film maker

Videos generate the highest engagement factor and are quite crucial for any corporate business marketing strategy. Whether you are producing your first corporate video or tenth, there are many layers to it as well as traps that you could easily fall into as a corporate film maker.

It is important to walk through some of the most common mistakes that a corporate film maker does when they create/produce a corporate video for their business. And quite importantly, you should have hands-on knowledge on how to avoid these common mistakes.

It pains to fall at the first hurdle, especially when there’s a huge expense of time, money, and resources to produce a video. But the good thing is that once you are enough aware of these common mistakes, you will surely know the way out to not repeat them. Let’s get started without further ado!

Your Target audience comes first

Even though you are planning to produce a video for your own business sake, it is still very much possible to fall into the trap. It’s a trap of creating something that you rather would like to watch. Not your target audience!

It’s so necessary all through the process of producing a corporate video to keep track of your target audience. They could be your prospects, potential clients or customers. In case, you are not sure of your target audience, it helps to do some research. This is vital when your video is offering a solution to the problems your target audience is facing. The conclusion is to bring about the benefits your product/service will serve to your audience rather solely focusing on their features.

No clear objective

Producing a corporate video right away without knowing the exact objective can be very tempting for your brand new website. Your brand video should serve the purpose right that you have set out for it.

Do you want to raise brand awareness? Or do you have a brand-new product/service you are about to launch? It is important to consider the goal whatever it is in order to make sure your video’s content reflects your business objectives. Also keep in mind that a video is a nice way of prompting people to sign up for a free trial of your product.

Producing a too long video

 After filming your video, it’s time to go for an editor’s cut. The same applies to editing as in the case of producing a video. Here too, the target audience and their interests matter! Editing is a fabulous job that will put your message on track while making your video just as engaging and creative.

You know, unless you are a yogi, the average human attention span is 8 seconds, plain. Except that you are creating a training video, letting your video to be short and sweet will see a much better conversion rate than a longer video. In short, it’s good to keep your video as short as you can.

Delivering Excessive Messages

Even if you film a movie, it won’t be easy to digest too many messages. Quite obviously, the most effective corporate videos are going to be the ones that deliver a single-pointed message. Try always to your utmost ability to deliver only one message per video.

Too many messages can be either deviating or confusing which will make your audiences leave before the end. If you have more than one or two messages, you can put them through a series of other videos as well under one theme.

NO Video Marketing Strategy?

Just like any other marketing, your video too needs to be marketed properly. So that it makes a successful and profitable investment for your business. It always helps to come up with a strategy for your video to go far-and-wide. Instead of only posting it in YouTube and waiting for the views and orders to turn up. A solid plan to show case your video to your target audience could be through press releases, word of mouth, social media, email marketing, SEO, pay-per-click (PPC) and so much more.

Now you know some of the most common mistakes that a corporate film maker does during a video production. You can choose to avoid them and be on your way to produce a fantastic corporate video for your business.

At Namesake Productions, we believe that great videos are not created by chance; they are created by passion. We firmly believe a video to be a great investment we make in the building of a brand.

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