360 video, is it really worth all the hype?

360 video
360 video

Today, video marketing is one of the biggest platforms in the world of Marketing. 360 video making is on a swing in the market of Video production services. But, are they really worth it? Let’s look at the nays and yays of the infamous 360° Videos.

360 Video Nays:

  • In 360 video production, it will be difficult for the director to be in the shot and if they are, they have to be painted off in the final output.
  • In this particular way of video production, one has to depend heavily on single takes because it is hard to hide cuts.
  • If one decides to move the camera, the movement should be extremely smooth else the viewer will get sick of it.
  • If the actors cross the “snitch lines” though not impossible it is really difficult to correct the blur.
  • When it comes to Video production in 360 videos, the objects that are further than 20 feet. From the camera, they lose their stereoscopic depth (a fancy way to say that it loses its clarity).
  • 360 video production is comparatively more expensive to produce because they require 360-degree set dressing and labor-intensive editing process (especially for snitching).
  • Been around since 2015 in the market which makes it quite new to the market compared to other equipment in video marketing. Which makes the equipment to be not all versatile to the public use or the daily challenges as they might evolve as one uses it day to day? The current technology is not advanced enough to meet people’s high expectations.

360 Video 


  • When it comes to 360 video production Instead of showing your viewer sections of an environment, they get to experience the full environment.
  • In this style of video production, it gives the viewers the freedom to select which side of the frame to watch.
  • By using a split screen options, 360 videos easily render into VR with the help of inexpensive headsets (i.e. Google Cardboard).
  • There are 360 camera rigs priced to fit every budget, from personal use like Nikon’s KeyMission, Ricoh Theta, Samsung’s Gear 360° to professional quality like Nokia OZO, Google Jump Camera. Video production today caters itself to many denominations of the society.
  • When it comes to the modern video production, 360° videos are especially popular with hard-to-reach millennials and Generation Z.
  • Because of its immersive quality, 360° videos can help the viewer to connect with the content in a meaningful and emotional way. Giving some personal touch to the video production.
  • If you also film o produce in 3D, you will find yourself in many more possibilities which open up, that is with the help of positional tracking, your viewer can physically move within your video.

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