The need and impact of Corporate Video ad for your brand

Corporate Video ad
Corporate Video ad

We are sure you remember this Corporate Video Ad.

“Sharma ji, naya ghar…, nayi biwi…, badhiya hai…!”

This corporate Video ad played on our TV sets years ago and we still remember it, this is called brand recall. Such an impact is not possible with print ads or non audio-visual mediums. Because Corporate Video ads (or Video ads in this context) are always a better way to promote your brand as it ensures brand recall. The story, the characters, the tune or the out of the box idea or the concept, it stays with you, all of it.

Same holds true with the Corporate Video ads, let’s visualize a little more about this aspect of branding…

Why do you need Corporate Videos Ad

For the promotion of your brand in a more impactful way that stays with the viewer for a longer time. Just like the stories your grandmother used to tell you when you were a kid. All those stories having visuals that you created in your own mind, are still with you.

Suppose you own a pub and your place is the most happening destination for the party goers. You wish to promote it to your obvious target customers i.e. the young crowd of your city. You should not promote this business on newspapers and through Radio ads. Because the business in question here is a place that gives a certain kind of experience to its customers. The Interiors, the ambience, the service there, the music that plays there and the complete feel of your place, everything comes alive in Corporate Video ad. This is the kind of promotion your place actually needs and plain ways cannot do it at all.

Corporate videos are a content driven medium and can do wonders for your brand if done right.

I’ve got Corporate Video ad made, now what..

Marketing…! That’s what you have to do now.
Audio-visual content like Corporate Videos always tell a story and if people like it, they share it. Once you are done with the Corporate Videos production, you need a proper online marketing strategy to promote it. This is essential because apart from conventional like & share, People tend to share the content that’s already viral.

In Conclusion, Corporate Video ad give you brand recall, quick reach and a long lasting impression with repeated business as well. So whatever your product or service is, you need them as much as any other promotional strategy.

We, at Namesake productions, always strive to make best corporate video ads for businesses and for Corporate houses to make the brand building. We mix our passion with the creativity to Produce engaging and great films.

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