Video Production – Difference Between Promotional & Corporate video

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We agree. There are tons of terms when it comes to types of video content. But, they all serve different purposes. That is why today, we are here to let you ease into understanding the difference between Promotional and Corporate videos. By knowing this, you can decide what type of video you need based on your advertising requirements. 

Before we dive into how these types of videos serve your needs, let’s quickly know their meanings. You use a promotional video when you have to advertise a service or product. It involves a piece of relatable content that the user can connect with. The corporate video serves a larger purpose than a promotional video. It is used to advertise a business and its mottoes. These videos are focused more on attracting customers and clients that will improve the overall growth. 

Now that we have covered the foundation of these videos let’s dive deeper into how these serve your business.

Video Production- Promotional video

This type of video is best suited for advertising to consumers. Since these videos focus more on selling your products and services, these are often made with the intention of going viral in public. Social media plays a significant role in the marketing of promotional videos. When it comes to video production, promotional videos dominate the market. With a varied range of products and services being originated every day, the demand for promotional videos is on the rise. 

You realise the power of promotional video when you market your new product or service. By creating the right set of videos that relate to your audience, you can reap the benefits of promotional videos.

Video Production- Corporate video

As explained earlier in the blog, corporate videos serve a larger purpose in the field of marketing. These videos focus on communicating the purpose of a business. Since the audience finds it harder to connect with a company, creating a corporate video requires tons of brainstorming before bringing it to execution. This is a complicated task and needs the finest brains to work out the communication campaign that sits right by the audience. 

The types of corporate videos include documentaries, messages for staff, pitching to investors. These videos explain your services instead of selling them. You can use corporate videos to boast about your company’s expertise and success. You can showcase customer testimonials or even record a discussion with your business partners on how to take the company forward. 

Those are some of the basic differences between a Promotional and a Corporate video. Now you can make an informed decision on what type of video to use to reap desired results. 

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