Company Values Videos – Types And Their Purposes

Company Values Videos

Every company holds a specific set of values that determine and moderate life at the workplace. These values play an important role in the everyday mindset of the employees and will help keep consistency in success. Whether it’s in the projects the company handles or even the overall work ethics at the workplace, values need to be deeply ingrained. How to achieve that, you ask? One of the best ways is to regularly update the employees on the Values of the company. This is where Company Values Videos come in handy. Let’s dig deeper into these. 

As mentioned above, the values of the company are what keep employees motivated and grounded at the same time. So, to get these values properly conveyed, videos are a great way. Moreover, Company Values Videos are one of the important assets to a company’s profile as they encase and impact the lives of their employees. To make these fun and interesting, there are several types of videos that most companies use based on their tone and personality. A few of these types of videos are:

1. Animated Videos

2. Live-action & Testimonial videos

3. Narrative and story-telling videos

Animated Videos

Alright, before we dive into the technicalities of videos, we have to admit that no matter how mature and evolved employees are, animated videos are always entertaining. This is also the reason why most companies choose animated videos to convey important information. Such as the initial training, process & development, and even the company values. Animated videos give you, the company, and us the creators, the opportunity to explore beyond the regular. They allow us to be as creative as we wish especially because it’s all created in a system. Not to mention, this is also one of the cost-effective projects, as there’s no need to shoot and process videos. All we need is a script and a concept, and the project is already underway. Take a look at one of our creations of Company Values Videos for Blau Living.

Live-action & Testimonial Company Values Videos

Here comes the crew. Live-action videos, as the name suggests, are shot within the workplace. These videos help structure the most accurate and detailed version of the workplace. This is always a good starting point for those who watch the video. Because the video puts them in the space and makes them feel included. The creation of these Company Values Videos sure takes time, as they need to be scripted properly and shot with a professional crew.

One of the definite downsides is that the planning needs to be spotless, as it takes effort to reshoot videos if any changes are needed later. Also, there are several other advantages apart from being the accurate versions of Company Values Videos. These videos include words and figures of the actual employees working at the company and it builds reassurance to the new recruits. It also gives a window of interesting activity for the employees while shooting the video. Here’s one of such videos we made for Labonel.

Narrative and Story-telling Company Values Videos:

These are well-written and highly motivational stories. As expected, there needs a lot of thought and effort that goes into writing the script. The screenplay of the video must be well-thought so that it brings life to the story. When it comes to such narrative videos, there are two ways to source the videos. One is to shoot them as needed, and the other is to find the appropriate stock footage from a wide array of services and stitch them together. 

So, these are the most common types of Company Values Videos that are in play for a long-time. And, we’re sure they will have their reign for a long time. Now that you know the types of videos, you always have the opportunity to mash them together that fits your company well. If you have any questions or thoughts regarding how ‘Videos’ help your company grow, make sure to connect with us. We have amazing insights to help you understand their importance. Should you choose to create videos, we have just the right crew to get your project into action. 

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