Why are videos better for marketing?

videos better for marketing

Visual elements are always an effective tool for marketing to attract an audience and boost engagement. Videos help you to convey more information in less time. Videos are one of the powerful mediums which help in improving the accessibility and reach of your products and services. Videos can range from quick trending challenges to informative live tutorials to enhance brand awareness. A video is a versatile tool that we would like to suggest you choose for increasing product familiarity. 

On top of all these wonderful advantages, video content compels the audience to spend an extra second of attention and thereby lets you grab the attention of your users. Also, several studies conducted on Facebook ads show that the video-based ads performed well, generating potential customers. With this blog, you will get an insight into how to use videos as a marketing medium to generate leads or potential customers.

Why are video ads better?

Digital video ads help in enhanced targeting by collecting information, thereby creating brand exposure. Therefore, video ads give advertisers a medium to connect with the audience in a format they prefer. Video ads are highly effective, and, we suggest, you must include them in your digital advertising plan. You can add a video ad as a product description to increase the chance of consumers buying that product. 

Video ads create better engagement by delivering the narrative to a target audience. And video ads contain a tailored message which is easy for users to consume and initiate their purchase. Video ads can persuade your audience to take a call to action by keeping the interest intact. Most importantly, video ads are shareable. If a potential customer relates to the narrative in your video, it is likely possible that they would share it with their close ones. Therefore, video ads increase your SEO potential to drive more customers.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of video advertising?

Videos, as a marketing medium, are a compelling way to reach a professional audience. Just like every other medium, this too has both pros and cons of marketing. Listed below are the few pros and cons of Video advertising.

The pros

The cost- compared to a traditional medium, the online platform is cheaper. 

The real-time results- Video can create a powerful marketing campaign. And the result is trustworthy feedback and sales. You can track the ad down to the location of the customers. So with the real-time results, you can take quick actions and build a better strategy.

Advantages of multiple formats- You can design and build ads in several formats, which include URL links, expandable banners, call to action via hashtags, and click-through.

Always available with the customer- where there is a screen, there are video ads. Video ads can be consumed from your mobile phone or from your desktop. 


Viewership- There might be times when the audience watches the ad multiple times if the content is interesting and engaging. But we should not neglect the fact that viewers have an affinity for skipping the ad. Therefore, video ads need to be thoughtfully crafted so that customers want to see the ad, again and again, thereby generating sales.

Ad space justified- There is no particular way to measure the reach. The whole customer realm is vast; therefore, sharing information with the audience might be difficult. 

But, these cons easily fade before the pros of Video Marketing. Marketing your products and services requires great expert groundwork. With the advent of a lot of marketing mediums and strategies, you can target the audience in particular. At Namesake Productions, we work to create compelling videos that sell. Based on what your requirements are, we can craft, strategise, shoot and produce watch & share-worthy video content for your products, services, and brand. To know more about video advertising, get in touch with us. 

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