How does a Brand Vision benefit a company?

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Brand Vision defines the brand strategy of your business or brand. Hence, It sets you apart from your competitors and gives your potential customers enough fodder to ascertain whether your brand resonates with their ideals. As a result, your customers look at your brand from the point of your brand vision. 

But again, if your brand vision doesn’t match your actions on the ground, your customers will move away. 

Your brand vision should contain elements that focus on your brand’s future.

  • Preparing a vision that would last 5 to 10 years and positioning your brand in that timeframe
  • Lend emotional support to your employees and shareholders
  • It must be easy to understand
  • You must be realistic and able to express your dream for the brand
  • Defines the industry you’re in
  • Is up to date with the latest trends

As seen in the above elements, a lot of effort goes into achieving your brand vision. Hence, It isn’t a single-day task. The overall process happens over days, weeks, months and years.

Role of video testimonials in achieving the brand vision

As part of achieving your brand vision, multiple mediums could be deployed. Among them, video testimonials could be of great help.

Here’s a look at how video testimonials help you –

  • Building brand trust
  • Connects with people emotionally
  • Gets shared easily
  • It is cost-effective yet powerful
  • Easily remembered 
  • Creates social awareness easily
  • Easier lead conversions

Video testimonials are essential, but they must be made correctly. When done so, it conveys the right message to your potential customers. As you’ve understood the importance of creating video testimonials, it’s equally important to make them interesting and appealing to your audience. 

Tips that will help you create great video testimonials – 

  1. Genuine customers only: Genuine customers are easily recognisable. It speaks a lot about the brand.
  2. Customer POV: Think from the point of view of your potential customers. It is to ascertain their needs and attitude.
  3. Customer happiness: Make sure that customers giving testimonials feel comfortable. They could be camera shy or stutter during the shoot. But making them feel comfortable ensures they return the favour.
  4. Conversational Videos: Make sure your testimonial videos are mainly conversational. Too much scripting strips it of the core message and emotional touch.
  5. Mobile Audience: The majority of people today use smartphones or tablets. Choose your testimonial length and core message, looking at this factor. The video length and size requirements vary for different platforms.
  6. Testimonial crux: Highlight the crux of your testimonial. It attracts the attention of your potential customers towards their needs and how you could serve them best.

We have seen above how a video testimonial could be made interesting to make it very effective and echo your brand vision. When implemented, it can go a long way in establishing your brand identity and hold in the market.

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