What equipment do we need to make high-quality videos?

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As filmmakers and artists, we say that there’s no right or wrong camera to shoot and produce videos. But, when it comes to high-quality and lead-driven videos, you definitely need good gear. Especially when the client is willing to invest a good amount of money into showing their brand’s story in a video, it is practical to use the right gear. So, in this blog, we are going to unveil our nerdy tech doors and provide you with the reasons for all the equipment we use. Let’s jump in!

List of equipment a Production house works with

We often get questions about why making videos is such a costly process. Well, one of the obvious and visible reasons is the gear. Moreover, the type and range of gear we need to create the videos we intend to produce need high-quality equipment. One of the most important things that we see while purchasing is their flexibility and functionality. 

So, here’s a list of basic equipment that we use:

  • Cameras that can shoot in 4k resolution
  • Tripods that are sturdy and reliable anytime
  • Various Mounting parts for the tripod and camera
  • Stabilisation equipment
  • Drones for a wider perspective
  • External Microphones that can capture studio-quality sound
  • Lighting equipment
  • High-quality storage solutions
  • Subscription for video editing and mastering software

What are the advantages of using the best quality video gear?

Companies design Photography and video production gear to fit the ecosystem. Moreover, they do a ton of research that derives all the needs of us video creators. As a production house, we believe that any project should be delivered on time and with the highest quality. In order to make sure we don’t waste time searching for equipment after we agree on a project, we keep all necessary equipment with us. All this purchasing equipments also leads to upgrading too. With the fast changes in the technology world, there’s always a constant need for upgrading the equipment to produce better results. 

So, here are a few advantages if you choose a production house that uses high-quality gear:

  • Highest possible quality results
  • Less, or no, time in sourcing
  • Variation in videos
  • The best possible outcome as imagined

So, there you go. If you’re looking for a production house that can deliver the best results, you’re in the right place. We’ve worked with amazing brands and delivered top-notch quality videos that talk all about the brand and its promotion.

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